Goals We Set

I did it!

I never thought I'd achieve this milestone. When I started writing Shelby's Dilemma, originally titled Shelby's Legacy, my whole story sat around 28k. This had been a gargantuan task, and I marveled at those who wrote novels numbering around 75k, or even *shudder* 100k. How did they do that?

Today, I tallied up my chapters and realized I'm a shade over 50k, and I'm not finished!

I have entered mainstream, people. (happy dance around the desk) Just a few more chapters to complete my manuscript, then polish it until it shines, and send my baby off to see who wants to adopt it.

You can't see me, but I'm leaning back in my chair, with my feet kicked out, savoring the moment. Life is grand. Now I'm off to bed. It is 0200 hrs here in my part of the world, and I'm tired.

Happy writing everyone. See you in the writer's circle.