The Contract

This past Monday, I was electronically offered a contract with Turquoise Morning Press for my novel ‘According to Plan’. For those of you who have semi-followed my posts, this work has had several name changes as the story morphed ~ ‘Shelby’s Legacy’, ‘Shelby’s Dilemma’ ~ etc.
While at my evil day job, I checked e-mails almost hourly with my iPhone, waiting for a response from TMP. Fifteen minutes before quiting time,I checked and when I saw the message from Kim, TMP, I think my heart stopped for a small moment.  A definitive feeling of my life forever being altered actually had me hesitate, and my finger hovered over the screen. One, because it could be a thank-you, NO; or Two, thank-you, YES.  In moments like this, time really does slow down.

By nature, I am not a very excitable person. Those who know me will tell you I’m laid back, don’t get ruffled, not easily excited. But let me tell you – I stood by my desk, phone in hand, and started to jump up and down. Not a good idea - I had to pee.  Jumping could’ve had disastrous effects on my wardrobe. Fortunately, I stopped before I embarrassed myself even more.

Co-workers came out of their offices to see what was going on, because like I said, I was jumping up and down, but what I didn’t tell you was I actually squealed. Yes. *head hung in shame* Squealed like a teeny-bopper who scored front row seats to a Justin Beiber concert. It wasn’t pretty. My image as the cool, efficient (no comments from the peanut gallery) human resources admin assistant has been forever tarnished. 
So. This ends the first week of my Long and Winding Road. Actually kind of boring, and my life hasn’t changed all that much, yet.