Friday 56

The purpose of Friday 56 is to post a snippet from page 56 of whatever book you are reading.  Mine is from 'Master of the Mountain' by Cherise Sinclair. Man, I like her writing.

"Thanks." Don't overexert yourself. She gave him a stiff nod and left. Matt might well talk with Logan; if she asked for a cabin, she'd all too likely end up in his bed - again. She frowned. Last night hadn't been exactly her decision, and they hadn't done that much...really...but a second time would mean real sex. She pressed a hand over her stomach where her supposedly nonexistent libido turned a few somersaults. Damn.

I'm only up to Chapter Nine, and already I'm involved with Logan and Rebecca. The conflicts between the main characters are real and I'm left wondering how Ms. Sinclair will resolve them to everyone's satisfaction.

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