Six Sentence Sunday

This comes from my paranormal, Dark Desires. Cian is old world, has seen everything and Tessa is the One Foretold. And she has no inkling. In this scene - Cian's entered her dream.

     Silken cords drifted down from the top of the canopy bed and wound gently around her wrists. She tested the boundaries of the cords, but didn't struggle.

     Her flawless skin shimmered in the candlelight, and he soaked in all the details, committing them to memory. All her lush curves, from full breasts, down a sun-kissed belly, to the delicious mound nestled between slender thighs. He planned on exploring every inch of her with his hands and mouth.
     The bed dipped as he placed one knee on the edge and kneeled over her. 

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