Friday 56

From According to Plan:

The phone rang and Polly looked at the call display. She answered the phone, "Stewart Investigations, can you hold please?" With a perfect smile and turning on her famed southern charm, she gushed, "Tank, would you be a doll and get me a coffee... from Hal's?"

Tank shrugged. He recognized it as a ploy to get him out of the office while she took the call. Hal's was at least four blocks away, while a perfectly good take out place was only two doors down. As the door to the office closed, he heard, "What happened, hon, you missed your flight. Was it cancelled?"

That's interesting. Shelby was flying somewhere. Now all he had to to do was get the where and when. While at Hal's, Tank bought a fresh Boston Cream donut, Polly's favorite, to go with her coffee, tossing the complimentary napkins into the garbage.


  1. Oooh, this was intriguing. I was expecting Polly to be trouble but Tank is the one to look out for. More please!

  2. Threw out the napkins with a Boston creme? Hmmm, someone enjoys watching her lick her fingers. :) Great six.

  3. I love the name "Tank." He's gotta be a man's man. Great six!