Friday 56

I know better than to think if I keep my eyes closed my ghost will go away. It doesn't work that way. When your private demons decide to mess with you, they demand their pound of flesh. It's best to pay it and get it over with.
Then I can focus on finding my way off the black floor. I brace myself for how bad it's going to be. I speculate that if the golden floors in the Hall of ALL Days were bad, black floors in the White Mansion will be...forgive the pun...beyond the pale.
Fingers twine with mine. I know the hand as well as my own.
Sighing, I open my eyes.
I jerk away and scramble back frantically, boots slipping on the shiny black surface. I sprawl flat on my back with such a jot that I bite my tongue.
I begin to hyperventilate. Does she see me? Does she know me? Is she there? Am I?
She laughs, a silvery sound, and it makes my heart hurt. I remember laughing like that once. Happy, so happy.
I don't even try to get up. I just lay there and watch her. I'm bewildered. I'm hypnotized. I'm carved in two by a sense of duality I cannot reconcile.
This is from the fabulous writing of Karen Marie Moning's - SHADOWFEVER

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  1. I just started the Fever series. I love Moning.