Interview with Polly Walker

Paulina Sophia Walker
Polly is the efficient office manager for Shelby Stewart Investigations and co-founder of the Walker Rehabilitation Foundation.

Welcome Ms. Walker.
Thank you, hon'. Call me Polly.
What a nice place you've got. This is way bigger than Shelby's broom closet office.

Other than working for Shelby, what would be your dream job? 
I created a foundation where underprivileged children come to my ranch. They learn to ride horses, muck stalls and help out the ranch hands – always supervised. Working with horses gives them a sense of accomplishment and shows them there’s nothing they can’t do.
When did you last get laid? 
Now that’s a highly personal question, Ms. Edwards. But I will concede that I haven't had a proper date in long, long – loooooong – time.
Whatever happened to that guy you used to date – Shelby thought he was the one. 
He thought he was the one too - *sigh* - then I found out he was more in love with Daddy’s money than me.
How do you like to dress? 
I love being girly. High heels, skirts and nice blouses. Sometimes I think I’m a throwback from an old 1940’s film.
Is there someone your parents are trying to set you up with? 
Yes. Carl Worthington Jr. *shudder*
He had the arms and hands of an octopus. Didn't matter how many times I said no, he kept pressing. Finally I slapped him at a dance in front of everyone.
Shelby says I clobbered him. I guess I did hit him pretty hard because his tooth fell out. Shelby swears he swallowed it. Serves him right, the creep.
Do you still have a favorite stuffed animal? 
In grade five, Shelby gave me a stuffed panda, Theodore E. Bear – Ted E. Bear. Get it? Teddy Bear....
I was really sick with scarlet fever and she gave me the bear her Daddy had given her. He died when she was four. I still can't believe she parted with it. The memory still makes me tear up. Excuse me a minute – do you have a tissue?
Do you like horses? 
I LOVE horses. I’ve been riding and jumping since forever.
If you could swim with the dolphins or go whale watching on a zodiac, which would you do? 
I've gone whale watching. When they come right up beside your boat and you think you’re going to tip over, it’s thrilling. They’re so beautiful in their own element.
Have you / would you ever jumped off a large rock/cliff to go swimming? 
Once - on a dare.
It was at Black Meadow Creek. Most people hung out on the beach with bonfires and swam out to a platform anchored just off shore. Only the daring/crazy ones jumped off the bluff. 
One afternoon a bunch of boys showed up and Ben Grady was with them. Shelby had a huge crush on him and she said if I jumped, she would. I didn't want to and I really didn't think she would, so I said 'sure' - if she went first.
And she did!
Of course that meant I had to jump. To this day I say she was showing off, but she swears she always wanted to jump off the bluff.
By the way. Ben Grady asked her out that afternoon.
Do you like policemen or firemen? 
Why choose? Any man in uniform looks good. Police, Fire, Airline Pilots. But I’m partial to cowboys. Mmm, mmm, mmmmm. Love me a good cowboy.
What’s the worst thing you did and didn’t tell your parents? 
Shelby and I cut class for a week and stayed at a fishing lodge Daddy has at Walker Lake. We swam and goofed off every day. But Shelby’s Aunt Tillie found out and made us work for her all summer. If we slacked off, she threatened to spout louder and higher than a Yellowstone Park geyser.
Do you like having a wealthy family? 
Yes, it’s all I know, but I've seen how Shelby struggled to make ends meet and that makes me grateful for everything I have.
Don't tell Shelby, but I’ve set up a trust fund for her babies. As their godmother it’s up to me to make sure they’re set up right.

That's all I have time for. If you want to find out more about Miss Polly, check out According to Plan at Amazon


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  1. Awwww... Polly, you sound like a fab gal, someone I'd love to be friends with.
    I hope you find your someone special!