Goals, Motivation & Conflict

I attended a workshop a few weekends ago where the guest speaker was Debra Dixon, and we focused on Goals, Motivation and Conflict. In this post, I’d like to share with you the Goals of Shelby and Tank, my two protagonists from According to Plan.
Goals External and Internal

Shelby’s External Goals
Goal #1 – She wants to build her business. Her boyfriend and partner, Tank, left her a year ago, and she’s had to forge ahead on her own.
Goal #2 – Find missing person Harrison Grant.
Goal #3 – Don’t let Tank know what she’s doing and find Harrison before he does
Tank’s External Goals
Goal #1 – Keep Shelby safe from an underworld crime boss who would kill Shelby if he knew Tank loved her
Goal #2 – Find the ‘Big Boss’ and wrap up a case he’s been working on for over seven years
Goal #3 – Shhhh… That’s a secret which I can’t disclose because you have to read the book. ;)
Shelby’s Internal Goals
Goal #1 – Move on in her life without Tank
Goal #2 – Stop reacting to Tank’s kisses, which take her knees out from under her. But he kisses soooooo good.
Goal #3 – Once again – secret…. Can’t blow the big finale.
Tank’s Internal Goal
Goal #1 – Tell Shelby he never cheated and never stopped loving her.
Tank pretty much only has one internal goal this whole story. Tell Shelby he loves her and break down the walls she’s erected between them. Not to take anything away from Shelby. She’s guarded around him for a reason. Near the end of the story there is another internal goal for Tank, but you know the drill… Secret!

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