Excerpt - According to Plan

In this scene, Shelby has been missing for about three months, and Tank finally found her. He's driving to the ranch where she's been living.

What if she never remembered him? He'd been in Special Forces, and gone into numerous high-risk areas, but what he felt crawling along his spine was something he'd never experienced before.

Cresting a small hill, he saw the house and pulled alongside. Fear anchored him to the seat. Every mile he'd driven, a different scenario had played inside his mind. She could look at him and smile politely, because he was a stranger. Or she could hide, because Caleb warned her not to trust strangers. But the one scenario that gripped his heart and squeezed was the thought that she could look at him with indifference. Not because she didn't remember him, but because she did and didn't want him in her life.

I hope you read According to Plan. If you do, let me know (good or bad) what you thought.

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