A couple of weeks ago, I released my first male/male romance. Cowboy, no less. I’m not generally an erotica writer (my alter ego writes contemporary romance), but when the idea came to me, I needed to get it down. Once I got it down, in spite of my fears, I needed people to read it.
Luckily, I found a publisher who was willing to work with me, and mold the story into a marketable item.
Also luckily, I seem to have found a bit of an audience. I’d been told that male/male romances were hot, but I didn’t realize how hot until I released Texas Iron. Hot men, sex and horses apparently drag in the women. And I assume a few men as well…
The biggest problem I had was concealing from my family the fact that I was naughty girl who liked to read and write male/male sex. They were okay with regular romances, but even those they tend to gasp at the sex scenes. They are a good, church-going farm family who believe marriage and sex should be between a white man and a white woman, behind closed doors. No variation. I love my family, but God-bless them for their narrow-mindedness.
So, even though a majority of my family wouldn’t know what to do with a computer if you put them in front of one, I created Jade Morgan, and this is her first, official guest blog. Thank you so much for visiting, and Thank you Maddison for letting me take up space.
  Here’s the blurb for Texas Iron:
War veteran Mack Harding has little experience with men, but it’s hard to miss the signals the new blacksmith is sending him. Rebuilding his family ranch takes up all of his time, and he honestly doesn’t think anybody would want to be with him, what with the scars on his face and the flashbacks that plague him.  But Caleb leads him into a night of sensuality he’s never felt before.
Caleb Lucas isn’t really looking for a relationship, but he’s always ready for a tumble.  And the sexy new client is certainly ringing all his bells.  When an interlude in the barn leaves him wanting more, can he convince Mack to take a chance on his own brand of Texas Iron?
 I thought I’d leave you with a ‘never before seen’ excerpt from the book, too.
Mack was standing beside the trough, arms folded, just watching him. Caleb didn’t like the introspective frown on his face, so he cupped water in his hands and flung it at the other man, hitting him in the belly. Mack gasped and stepped back, looking down at his soaked chest and jeans. There was a split second when Caleb feared he had pissed the man off, but he kept the smile on his own face and Mack finally shook his head.
“I can’t believe you just did that,” he laughed. He reached for a hose hanging on the side of the barn and wrenched the spigot, shooting Caleb square in the chest with ice-cold well water.
Caleb tried to dodge, but he was soaked within seconds. Laughing, he lunged and grabbed at the nozzle in Mack’s hands. They wrestled for control of the hose, but both were aware of their strength, and it was more play than a dominance struggle. Mack suddenly shoved, and Caleb tripped on the hose. At the last possible second, he grabbed Mack around the neck and held tight as they both tumbled into the trough.
Caleb sucked a lungful of water, and choked for air. Hands that had been before shoving him into the water were now pulling him out. He shook his head like a dog to clear his eyes and gasped. Mack was sitting on his stomach, one leg on each side of Caleb’s hips, laughing, even as he patted him on the back.
“You suck,” Caleb gasped, eyes tearing.
Mack leaned back, chuckling even harder. “Why do I suck? You started it.”
Caleb knew he was right, but that didn’t mean he had to like it. He pushed himself against the back of the tank with his feet, and hung his arms over the sides, clearing his eyes with his fingers. Mack made a move to get off of him, but Caleb stopped him with hands on his hips. “That didn’t go the way I had planned. I actually just wanted to get you wet enough to see your abs shining the way they are now.” With one finger, he outlined Mack’s abdomen, curled over on top of him. There was not an ounce of fat, just little wrinkles of skin, and some moisture-darkened hair. Within the space of seconds, awareness coursed through him again.
Mack must have felt Caleb’s erection growing beneath him, because he grinned. “Already? You just came!”
My question to you is, do you read male/male, and what do you think the percentage is of female buyers to male? Leave me a comment, and I’ll choose one winner randomly for a download of the book.
Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I love a great m/m, but only if the writer is really, really good at understanding a man's mind. I would imagine the percentage of men who enjoy m/m is around 50...and I'll bet most prefer male authors. It's rare woman who can get a bead on the male psyche.

  2. You know, I heard a statistic once that 90% of the male/male erotica out there was purchased by women! Perhaps trying to understand men, who knows.
    I hope I did okay with the male POV. Hubby had to help me a couple of times. Even though he wrinkled his nose at what I was writing...