Maggie Wells

I am thrilled to have on my blog today fellow 'Dirty Bits' Author - Maggie Wells. Take it away Maggie

Psssst! It’s my birthday!

No matter how many years pass, I’m like a little kid when it comes to birthdays. I still think it’s my special day. When Madison gave me my blog date, my first response was, ‘Yay! That’s my birthday!’

Of course, I’ve also reached the point where when people ask my age, I simply say, ‘Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.’


As the wisdom has piled up, I’ve taken a quite few lessons to heart. My favorite by far?

Treat yourself.

Too often, we put off the things that give us pleasure. I’m guilty. I even eat my M&Ms in reverse order of color – least favorite to most. Why? I have no idea. Anyone who knows me at all would think I’d grab all the red ones and run, but I don’t. I eat the brown ones first. As if I need to inflict a little punishment before I can enjoy the goodness. And there’s not even any leather or whips involved. I am a candy sadist.

Now, before you go thinking this is one of those ‘Oh poor me’ posts, let me say that I am the first to admit I’m a terribly spoiled individual. Have been for my entire life, and I intend to go on as I began. Still, I went through a phase where I denied myself even the silliest things.

I was a victim of self-inflicted MomMartyr Syndrome.

It’s that awkward stage when each and every one of our needs must me subjugated to those of the family. We take lukewarm showers because we have to be sure everyone else is clean and scrubbed first. We’re the last ones to the dinner table and the first to jump up. Our coats are the oldest, we use the half-dead double-A batteries in our gadgets, and we drive family tricksters instead of sleek, two-door coupes. Sound familiar?

I am proud to say, this is the year I broke free.

My children are older now, but I can’t really claim that they’re wiser. But, hey, if they can’t figure the ‘He who gets to the shower first gets the hot water’ rule, it isn’t because I didn’t teach by example. The cute little red coupe parked in the drive? Mine. What can I say? We needed a third car…

This year, I gave myself the best present ever – permission to give myself permission.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Whenever the anniversary of your birth may be, happy birthday to you. Treat yourself today, even if it’s just eating your favorite candy first. You deserve it!



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  1. Happy Birthday, Maggie! Great post. I, too, recently learned to stop being the Mom Martyr (for the most part...I still slip into old ways from time to time).

  2. Today is most definitely your special day! Happy birthday, Maggie! I absolutely love this: ‘Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.’ I'm so happy you're treating yourself and making time for you. P.S. I always eat the red ones last, too. ;)

  3. Thank you, ladies! I began my day of self-indulgence by hitting the snooze 50 times. I am a rebel!

  4. Happy belated Birthday, Maggie. So sorry I missed the party yesterday. What a great post, though. Had me laughing out loud.

    "This year, I gave myself the best present ever – permission to give myself permission." Love this.

  5. What a great idea! I give myself permission a lot and I never regret it.

    Happy Birthday you sassy Maggie Wells. You keep putting out them hot little books okay. I give your permission.

  6. Thanks again for all who visited and wished Maggie a Happy Birthday. I'm not a big M&M lover, but I do like Skittles, and save the red ones last with them too.