Ruth J Hartman

It give me great pleasures to introduce to you my friend and fellow author from Turquoise Morning Press, Ruth Hartman. She's here today to let us in on a little secret. Well, not much of a secret if you know her. Ruth loves cats. This is why she and I bonded immediately.
Take it away, Ruth ~

I Purr Therefore I Am. 
An understatement for me would be to say, “I love cats.”  People who’ve known me for any length of time laugh and say, “Just a little.” Roxy, our black cat, is asleep on my lap as I’m typing this. I can feel the vibrations of her purr as my arm touches her forehead. Her soft fur makes me want to stop typing and just pet her. But I won’t.
Well, maybe just for a minute….
Okay, back now. J
Because of my life-long intense love for felines, all of my books have at least one cat in them. “Flossophy of Grace” is about a dental hygienist who falls in love with her patient. Grace, the main character, has six cats. Six! She has a soft heart and can’t turn them away when they show up on her doorstep. Even though one of them has expensive medical issues that drain her bank account.
“Pillow Talk” my fantasy romance about a tooth fairy who falls for her dentist, has six cats in it also. Trixie, the heroine, has three. Graham, the hero, also has three. Imagine the mayhem when they find themselves in the same room and the same time at the vet’s office. Impromptu kitty play dates can be messy.
Then we come to “Purrfect Voyage.” The title, obviously, gives away at least part of the story. A cat, Arthur, and his person, Kitty, end up trapped on a small yacht for an unexpected two-week voyage with a man they’ve never met. Who hates cats!

“Grin and Barrett” about two competitive dentists, also has a couple of cats. Remmie Grin has two cats, and adores them. Victor Barrett has none. And hates them all. Victor nearly has a heart attack when one of Remmie’s cats decides Victor’s lap is a great napping spot. Haven’t we all heard this? Cats seem to know who doesn't like them, and make a straight path right for that person. I honestly believe some cats have a warped sense of humor and take great delight in making cat-haters exceedingly uncomfortable.
My newest book, just accepted by Astraea Press, is tentatively titled “Purr.” The main character, Roxy, runs a stray cat shelter. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun I had writing about a whole building full of cats!
Now, I know you’re sensing a theme here. And you’re right! Because of my love for the furry little bodies of purr, they creep their way into my books. I’m a firm believer that adding pets for the heroine and/or hero in a story makes the characters more believable and sympathetic. And because, well, cats are just so darn much fun. J

You can contact Ruth through e-mail or through her blog R.J. Writes

Ruth inspired me so much with her talk of cats, I had to share one of my favorite cat pictures. 


  1. Madison,

    Thanks for having me on your blog. I love your cat pic!!!

  2. Great post, my cat is a ninja cat. He's everywhere and attacks from the shadows. I love him so much :)

  3. Love the post, Ruth! I'm reading Purrfect Voyage right now, the first book of yours I've read. Aren't cats amazing? The bad cat picture in this post could be my very own evil Alice.

  4. JK, my cats do the same thing :)

  5. i have two cats, and one is exceptionally dumb. but i love him anyway, even when he gets wedged against the wall or bathtub and can't get up. lol

  6. Julie,

    One of our cats is always stealing food from the kitchen. We try to remember to cover everything on the stove, but sometimes we forget. We've caught him eating sauerkraut from a pan on the stove, and one day he got stuck in the cabinet where I keep their food.

    Gotta love that persistence!

  7. I love hearing about other cats. Makes me realize mine aren't the only self-impressed furry creatures around.
    A home without a cat is like a hug without love.

  8. You're right, Madison. In my opinion, a person without a cat is only living half a life! :)