The Proposal

Reviewed by: Diana Coyle
Cheri and Blake met five years ago in an ice cream parlor and after instant sparks ignited between them, she took him up on the offer to go back to his hotel room. Since then, they have planned a secret rendezvous place where they have an entire weekend of sizzling hot sex. But just as in the past, they have no communication between each other during the rest of the year. They both look forward to this one weekend a year of pure unbridled pleasure with no strings attached.
Last year when Cheri and Blake were together, he asked her if she would consider marrying him. He didn’t want an answer immediately and was even gracious enough to tell her she can answer him when they met up together a year to the date. He explained that she’d be receiving a package from him days before their next meeting and he’d like to see her wearing whatever will be in the box.
Right on schedule, Cheri receives the gift from Blake that contains beautiful lingerie along with a gorgeous family heirloom necklace. If she decides to wear both when she meets up with Blake, then it will signify to him that she has accepted his marriage proposal. The night finally arrives in which they’ll have another rendezvous together.
The question remains will Cheri be wearing the lingerie along with Blake’s family heirloom necklace? Are they both ready to make this a more serious commitment between each other?
I really enjoyed this short story and loved the author’s voice throughout. Her characters were sexy and easy to fall in love with and the story was rich in details of their sizzling affair together. If you’re looking for a short story that will make you beg for more, than look no further. Well done, Ms. Edwards!
May 13, 2011 | B004QTOR50

This was my first published work. A little novella, around 4000 words. What a nice way to start my writing career. 

Darby York... or is it?

Out of the Closet for a Change of Pace

I came out of the closet in September to members of my e-mail newsletter list. Yes, semi-sweet contemporary author, little old me, is Darby York of Turquoise Morning Press Dirty Bits fame!

I wanted to see if I could do it—write an erotic romance. To do so, I needed a new persona, someone who could help me release the old inhibitions drummed in me as a child of Depression-era parents. So I created Darby. I’ve been told she’s a “facet” of my personality.

I went to the Internet to try to figure out what that might mean. From an article about the “Big 5” Aspects of Personality, I learned that five personality traits have subordinate personality traits (facets) within them. For example, the “agreeableness” trait has the facets of “trust,” “morality,” “altruism,” “cooperation,” “modesty,” and “sympathy.”


All I know is that I enjoyed letting out this new facet of my personality. I’m not sure what the facet is—imagination, fantasy, playfulness . . . whatever.

For my first Dirty Bits short story, The Bridegroom, I selected a Medieval England setting. The middle ages are like a fantasy, but real. I wanted to depict the harshness of the time and the lack of control for women, who required courage just to meet their daily challenges. Hey, that’s like us today, don’t you think?

I also knew my writing “voice” changed when I write a “Medieval.” This time I used a technique made popular by author Phillipa Gregory: first person, present tense. It gives the story immediacy.

In The Bridegroom and The Betrothed, the heroines are forced to marry because they are pawns in their family’s economic game-playing. I’m working on The Troubadour where the heroine responds differently from her “sisters” in the first two stories. I’m sure she will also have a HEA ending too, but she’s going to make different choices getting there.

So, did I succeed in writing erotic romances? The stories are hot for me, but maybe not hot-hot or sizzling. I like what a reader said about them:

Darby York’s short stories are very sensual and erotic with love scenes depicted in such a way that give space to the imagination to do the rest.

Explore the various facets of your personality sometime. You might enjoy the outcome!

Jan Scarbrough writing as Darby York

The Bridegroom
Medieval life is hard for everyone, especially for noble women forced to marry their enemies. Yet even then women longed for love and fulfillment. Can a reluctant bride find true happiness in an arranged marriage?

The Betrothed
Marriage based on love is foreign to the medieval mind. Yet consent must be freely given for a marriage to be valid. Can a reluctant bride dare refuse her betrothed without suffering the consequences?

NOTE from Madison:
I knew Jan was Darby eons ago, but it was not my secret to tell. Congratulations on 'coming out of the erotic closet', Jan.  :)
Both of Darby's 'Dirty Bits' are bestsellers at All Romance e-books.

Julie Destry

The first time I fell in love was grade 6.

It was long enough ago that I can’t recall all the sordid details, but I remember the feelings. The curly, twisty happiness in my stomach. The quick glances around to see if anyone had noticed my hot cheeks. Hurrying through homework in anticipation. Late night rendezvous by the light of the hall….

I didn’t try to hide my affair, but I was a shy, quiet child so I don’t think anyone really noticed for a while.

I’d fallen in love with…well…love.

Danielle Steel was my first adult author. I’d read bits and pieces of my mother’s books in our little library but once I discovered the HEA, I couldn’t stop reaching for the next any more than I could stop needing oxygen. Fine Things, Palomino, Thurston House, Star, Jewels, Kaleidoscope…the list was endless.

Maybe I’d been too young for women’s fiction, but there was no way my mother could have hidden all the books in the library. Most of the time, I read them before she even had the chance.

The main theme of Ms. Steel’s books wasn’t always Boy finding Girl. There was a lot of focus on self-discovery, family, overcoming the odds, but the best parts (in my opinion) always involved The Romance, even if I didn’t always understand the sexy bits. *grin*

Something about finding the other piece of your soul captured me way back then and still hasn’t let me go. I’m just not satisfied unless there’s a strong romance and, at the very least, a Happily-For-Now.

These days my reading tastes have evolved to include vampires, fantasy, and no-holds-barred sex, but emotional development and the HEA are still things I look for in a great read.

It’s also something I try to find in the characters that make their way into the stories I write. I might not write about crazy adventures and alpha heroes coming to the rescue of gritty heroines, but saving the world isn’t always necessary—sometimes just finally admitting you want something opens the door to finding happiness.

Do you remember your first love?


Julie Destry writes contemporary erotic romance for Turquoise Mornings Press. Her first release, TOUCH, is now available at Amazon and other fine eRetailers. Visit Julie at her website or on Facebook.


Sometimes, the dark exposes more than it hides...

As a news anchor, Kass needs to show the world her conservative side, but underneath her public persona is a woman who longs for physical connection. When an invitation to visit a sex club arrives in her inbox, she jumps at the chance to indulge herself in an evening of hot, sweaty sex with a stranger—no strings attached. What she finds instead is a man who shows her that secret fantasies can become reality, but only if she’s willing to take a chance.

Finn's a man whose mojo has hit rock bottom. After the crash and burn of his last relationship, an anonymous sexual encounter is just what he needs. Although the goal for the night is simply to give them both pleasure, he discovers that he may be willing to give something more…

Kass is scared to risk revealing her identity to the man who just took her beyond her wildest expectations, no matter how much he tempts her. But Finn’s determined that their scorching passion has a chance to see the light of day.

Jennifer Anderson

Psst... Come closer... Closer.
Closer. *whispers* I’ve got a secret.

I’m  A  Closet  Romance Reader  

AAAhhhhggg! I said it! Yes, it’s true!
And I don’t mean the kissy, kissy, hand holding kind. I mean the erotic, sensual, get down to business on the hood of a car kind. Take no prisoners, unless that’s your thing, kind. Orgasmic wonderland kind.

Why you might ask is this such a secret? To my closest reader friends, it’s not. But to some it is.

I write YA and even though sometimes sex is involved, it’s behind closed doors and usually it’s clean, good, take your date to the prom kind of fun. No details. And defiantly no moans or dare I say….fluids. And as a YA writer I feel I should stick to the genre. But now with my eyes WIDE open, maybe I should re-evaluate.

Recently, I’ve taken a tiny step towards branching out into other genres of writing. Namely, romance. Knight in Armor is a short, sweet romance available in the Men In Uniform anthology released in November 2011. It’s all very clean, sweet and lovely. But I have to admit.
I want to write more romance.

A lot more.

As a YA author I have to wonder, do I keep venturing out away from my norm and try something new. Will my fans appreciate my new adventure?

I’m not sure. Check out my romance and let me know what you think. I have a copy of Men In Uniform up for grabs to a lucky viewer.

Thank you Madison for having me today. I get tingly in my girl parts when I think about my crush on Madison and her writing. If you haven’t read According to Plan, then go now. It’s fantastic!
Where you can find me:

Corner of 5th and Main…kidding ;-)

Twitter: JenniA8677

Christina Wolfer

The Cutting Room Floor      

As a writer, we are often asked how we come up with our stories and I think the ‘how’ probably varies from author to author and story to story. Most of us have had stories playing through our heads long before we began writing them down. For me, it was the love of make believe, of pretending to be someone else, to be brave, to be tough, to conquer, when in reality, I was painfully shy.

I’m not so shy anymore. Thankfully, I grew out of the worst of it. The stories still play in my head, though, and I still like to pretend I’m all of those things above, but now I channel them onto paper.

My third novel, Emotional Warfare (coming July/August 2012) was inspired by a song verse about a man who was sleeping with women, waking up in a stranger’s bed, because he couldn’t have the one woman he really wanted. The original scene written for the book was cut by me long before I submitted to my publisher. Even though the scene didn’t make the cut, it made the story - inspired it.

My novella, Undercover, which released November 1st, was inspired by a sex scene that popped into my head. Why, I’m not sure, but I blame it on my erotic alter ego. The scene hit the cutting room floor before publication, as well. I never fully developed the scene, but I love what it inspired and am thrilled to have the opportunity to share it here for the first time and maybe the only time. 

Undercover back cover blurb:

At twenty-nine, police officer Erica Salinas is determined to eliminate as many gangs as she can from the streets of Chicago. When she's offered an opportunity to go undercover as a student at an inner city high school to stop the drugs trafficking its halls, she jumps at the chance. It doesn't take long for her to identify the two gangs ruling the school and get offered drugs, but she isn't satisfied with runners. She wants the dealer and supplier.

She befriends a boy who has connections with one of the gangs, hoping to get closer to her goal. Instead, she finds herself getting attached to the kid and falling in love with his older brother, Derrick.

Erica knows she is putting the case at risk by getting too involved. And when she spots a gang allegiance tattoo on Derrick's wrist, she’ll have to decide if her career and avenging her sisters death is more important than love.

From the cutting room floor:

When Erica arrived at the house, she was looking for Joey. He was upset with her and she wanted to smooth things over, try to explain. She knocked, the uneven screen door bouncing against its frame with each tap of her fist. Music played somewhere in the house, but she couldn’t see anyone moving around inside.
She was about to knock again when Derrick came into view from a back room, stealing her breath away as he walked toward her. He was bare-chested, his glorious bronze muscles flexing as he reached to push the screen door open. The day’s heat and his cologne mixed to create a powerful aroma of awareness that sent desire coursing down between her thighs.  
“Erica, what are you doing here? Joey isn’t home”
She took the opportunity to step past him into the cooler confines of the room. “Maybe, I didn’t come here for him.”
Derrick let the screen door shut, turning to her with questioning eyes. Desire flashed with recognition when he looked into her eyes. She’d sensed his attracted to her from day one, but he fought it, thinking her too young.
His nostrils flared when she placed her hand on the tight, corded muscle of his arm. He didn’t step away as he’d done before. She leaned in, heard his sharp intake of breath as she touched her lips to his shoulder, his collarbone, his neck. She ran her tongue along the pulse in his neck and her hands down the sides of his lean torso. She undid the button of his jeans while she distracted him nibbling on his ear. Her hands trailed around to the back, delving past the jockey shorts to squeeze his firm, round ass.
She resisted the urge to grind herself against him, need burning like a dry prairie fire. She shimmied his jeans down to free his erection. A deep groan tore through him as she began kissing her way south, destined, determined to touch him, to taste him.
But he stopped her descent, grabbing her hands, yanking them above her head. With one quick turn, he maneuvered her so that her back met the wall with a thud. She gave a low husky laugh of satisfaction.
He imprisoned her hands above her head with one of his. With the other, he lifted her skirt and shoved the flimsy string bikini down, ripping them out of the way. He tested her readiness with a finger; her body shuddered against his touch. He had his answer. He bit once at her neck and then thrust deep inside her. 

Thank you for letting me share this piece of the story that would never have been seen otherwise.

My other stories:

All Bets Are On! - Available now (Kentucky Derby Anthology - short story)
Two Brothers - Available now
Undercover - Available now (novella)
The Daughter - Coming January 2012
Emotional Warfare - Coming July/August 2012

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Six Sentence Sunday

This is from Man of Her Dreams. Lindsay is remembering when she first met her HOT neighbour, Jared.

She'd come straight from a renovation site, disheveled and dirty to the Food Mart for a few groceries.

Reaching for the last loaf of bread on the rack, her fingers brushed across the hand of a man. When their fingers touched, a jolt of awareness snaked along her arm and she'd looked up. Slack jawed, she'd stood gawking like some pre-pubescent schoolgirl with her first crush, into a pair of steel grey eyes.

He'd flashed a smile, which further weakened already rubbery legs, released the loaf of bread and moved on down the aisle. It had taken her a few moments to realize the hulking hunk was her neighbour.