Jennifer Anderson

Psst... Come closer... Closer.
Closer. *whispers* I’ve got a secret.

I’m  A  Closet  Romance Reader  

AAAhhhhggg! I said it! Yes, it’s true!
And I don’t mean the kissy, kissy, hand holding kind. I mean the erotic, sensual, get down to business on the hood of a car kind. Take no prisoners, unless that’s your thing, kind. Orgasmic wonderland kind.

Why you might ask is this such a secret? To my closest reader friends, it’s not. But to some it is.

I write YA and even though sometimes sex is involved, it’s behind closed doors and usually it’s clean, good, take your date to the prom kind of fun. No details. And defiantly no moans or dare I say….fluids. And as a YA writer I feel I should stick to the genre. But now with my eyes WIDE open, maybe I should re-evaluate.

Recently, I’ve taken a tiny step towards branching out into other genres of writing. Namely, romance. Knight in Armor is a short, sweet romance available in the Men In Uniform anthology released in November 2011. It’s all very clean, sweet and lovely. But I have to admit.
I want to write more romance.

A lot more.

As a YA author I have to wonder, do I keep venturing out away from my norm and try something new. Will my fans appreciate my new adventure?

I’m not sure. Check out my romance and let me know what you think. I have a copy of Men In Uniform up for grabs to a lucky viewer.

Thank you Madison for having me today. I get tingly in my girl parts when I think about my crush on Madison and her writing. If you haven’t read According to Plan, then go now. It’s fantastic!
Where you can find me:

Corner of 5th and Main…kidding ;-)

Twitter: JenniA8677


  1. Hello Jennifer! If you're thinking about branching out into the adult, and perhaps more risque, romance genre, do what many other authors do...use a pen name. :-) It only confuses those of us reading erotic romance who suddenly discover our favorite authors write mainstream stories, too. :-)

  2. Good idea Kathleen. Thanks.