Julie Destry

The first time I fell in love was grade 6.

It was long enough ago that I can’t recall all the sordid details, but I remember the feelings. The curly, twisty happiness in my stomach. The quick glances around to see if anyone had noticed my hot cheeks. Hurrying through homework in anticipation. Late night rendezvous by the light of the hall….

I didn’t try to hide my affair, but I was a shy, quiet child so I don’t think anyone really noticed for a while.

I’d fallen in love with…well…love.

Danielle Steel was my first adult author. I’d read bits and pieces of my mother’s books in our little library but once I discovered the HEA, I couldn’t stop reaching for the next any more than I could stop needing oxygen. Fine Things, Palomino, Thurston House, Star, Jewels, Kaleidoscope…the list was endless.

Maybe I’d been too young for women’s fiction, but there was no way my mother could have hidden all the books in the library. Most of the time, I read them before she even had the chance.

The main theme of Ms. Steel’s books wasn’t always Boy finding Girl. There was a lot of focus on self-discovery, family, overcoming the odds, but the best parts (in my opinion) always involved The Romance, even if I didn’t always understand the sexy bits. *grin*

Something about finding the other piece of your soul captured me way back then and still hasn’t let me go. I’m just not satisfied unless there’s a strong romance and, at the very least, a Happily-For-Now.

These days my reading tastes have evolved to include vampires, fantasy, and no-holds-barred sex, but emotional development and the HEA are still things I look for in a great read.

It’s also something I try to find in the characters that make their way into the stories I write. I might not write about crazy adventures and alpha heroes coming to the rescue of gritty heroines, but saving the world isn’t always necessary—sometimes just finally admitting you want something opens the door to finding happiness.

Do you remember your first love?


Julie Destry writes contemporary erotic romance for Turquoise Mornings Press. Her first release, TOUCH, is now available at Amazon and other fine eRetailers. Visit Julie at her website or on Facebook.


Sometimes, the dark exposes more than it hides...

As a news anchor, Kass needs to show the world her conservative side, but underneath her public persona is a woman who longs for physical connection. When an invitation to visit a sex club arrives in her inbox, she jumps at the chance to indulge herself in an evening of hot, sweaty sex with a stranger—no strings attached. What she finds instead is a man who shows her that secret fantasies can become reality, but only if she’s willing to take a chance.

Finn's a man whose mojo has hit rock bottom. After the crash and burn of his last relationship, an anonymous sexual encounter is just what he needs. Although the goal for the night is simply to give them both pleasure, he discovers that he may be willing to give something more…

Kass is scared to risk revealing her identity to the man who just took her beyond her wildest expectations, no matter how much he tempts her. But Finn’s determined that their scorching passion has a chance to see the light of day.

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  1. Very well written Julie. Love the topic!

    I can't remember when I first fell in love with books on romance, but I've had this relationship with books even before I could actually read; reciting my favorite night-time story alongside my mother as she read the book. She'd read our favorites so many times we knew them by heart!

    It's a relationship that is still going strong to this day. ;-)