Saturday Workshop

I attended a writing workshop, and the lecturer - former senior editor with Harlequin - gave us an exercise to do. He provided us with the lead line - 'It was supposed to be a simple vacation' - and then we had ten minutes to write something down. This was my creation. Nothing fancy, just plain fun.


It was supposed to be a simple vacation. Two glorious weeks away from my job, traffic congestion and most important, two weeks away from snow.

If I knew then what I unfortunately know now, I'd have stayed buried under three feet of the white stuff. Instead, I'm hunting down a cursed blood amulet some Voodo witch doctor thinks I stole from him. Hiding in dark alleys to avoid temporal police, and not enjoying one minute of the sunny Caribbean I'd saved years to get to.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm also becoming used to being one of the undead. Not as glamorous as the books make it out to be. Kinda sucks. I will be eternally pasty white, unless I find that damned amulet. Problem with that is, the smarmy bastard who DID steal it jumped back in time to Victorian England and has stashed it somewhere in the tower.

Yup - you guessed it.  THE Tower. Where you go in and don't come back out in one piece.

Right now I'm trying to find another time portal and jump to when he first arrives. I'll trip the rat, take the amulet and pop back to my century.

Everybody's happy, and I get my life back.

But there's a catch. Because of all the time jumps, temporal police have been dispatched to stop us, put us in limbo and repair the rips in time.



  1. Exercises like these are so much fun as they let you play around with other genres. This sounds like the beginning of an awesome story. Will you continue?

  2. Maybe. It was fun to write, but I'd have to think of the whole story, and not just one tiny snippet. Could be a lot of fun.