I love Leap Year.
We used to have a Sadie Hawkins dance when I went to high school. This was the one dance the girl could ask the boy out to. Times have changed, but back then, the girl still waited for the boy to make the first move.
I also enjoy watching the movie Leap Year, where the heroine of the story is going to follow family tradition and ask the live-in boyfriend, who's been dragging his feet, to marry her. Imagine her surprise when she meets and falls in love with a man who irritates the crap out of her as they journey to meet the reluctant beau.
I think the main reason I look forward to February 29 is because it only comes once every four years, it's fresh and new. Kind of like a toy you put aside and only bring out on special occasions. Silly, isn't it.
This year a friend of mine turns '13'. They are finally a teenager.
And, on a sad note, Leap Year will be immortalized by the death of Davy Jones (The Monkeys). At least it will be immortalized for me. I shall sing 'Daydream Believer' all day in memory.

So today - enjoy February 29.
Maybe I'll ask my husband out to dinner. My very own Sadie Hawkins date.


What would do you think would happen if one man you loved is right here in your life, while the other man you loved is in the light above your bed?
It's my pleasure to present to you 'Paramour' by Margaret K. Ethridge.

Two men: one living, one dead, and both vying for her love. Camellia Stafford has never been alone in her room. For twenty years, she's been engaged in a fierce power struggle with her bedroom's previous tenant, Frank DeLuca, the ghost trapped in the light fixture above her bed. Caustic and cranky, Frank has one soft spot--Cam. Over the years, their feelings for one another have evolved from grudging friendship to an enduring love that burns white-hot until Frank puts his feelings for Cam on ice. When she suffers the loss of her beloved father, Cam returns home to say good-bye, and confront her feelings for Frank. She finds an unexpected shoulder to lean on in neighbor, Bradley Mitchum. Cam falls hard and fast for the handsome ad man's charming smile and passionate nature, but Brad's easy-going exterior masks a steely backbone tempered by adversity. Now Cam must choose-- Is her heart strong enough to determine which dream could lead to a love that will last a lifetime?
About the Author:
Margaret Ethridge lives with a sweet-talking Southern gentleman who claims to be her lawfully-wedded husband. She is the (not-so-wicked-but-she-has-her-moments) step-mother to their two children, the adoring mistress of three spoiled dogs, the food purveyor to eleven hungry goldfish, and the comic foil for one rather impertinent house rabbit who thinks he rules the roost.

When she isn't tapping away at her keyboard, Margaret engages in an epic battle against her never-ending laundry hampers, cajoles the flowers in her yard, sings into her hairbrush, and has been known to hold entire conversations speaking only in movie quotes.
Margaret holds a special place in my heart, as she was the one who pointed me in the direction of Turquoise Morning Press. Who knows where I'd be if it weren't for our M.K.

LOVIN' THE COVEN ~ Purrfect Voyage

About the Book:
Kitty Carter is used to getting into strange situations when she chases her cat, Arthur. But this latest escapade is jut too much! When Arthur chases a mouse at the marina while she's doing research for her book, she follows him down the dock onto a yacht. Not entirely her plan, since she falls down some stairs and hits her head, and wakes to find herself out to sea. And she and Arthur aren't the only ones on board!
The Reviews are In!
"This author must own cats herself. She understands all too well feline wiles and how they can manipulate you. Ms. Hartman also has a sense of humor. It makes her story fun to read."
"This story is well paced and keeps your interest. It's fun to watch the characters try to avoid the attraction between them. The author drew me into her story easily and I enjoyed watching the antics of the cat and the people both. I found this to be a very good read..."
Originally posted at The Long and Short of it Romance Reviews
About the Author:
Ruth J. Hartman is a published author and licensed dental hygienist. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband of twenty-eight years and their two extremely spoiled cats. She holds an associate degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry. She also completed a course on Writing for Children and Teenagers from the Institute of Children's Literature. Ruth's published works include a memoir, romance novels, and short stories. In keeping with 'write what you know' she finds her books and stories often gravitate toward the themes of dentistry and cats. More about her writing and published works can be found at: www.ruthjhartman.blogspot.com

I'm Such a Tease

Below is a snippet. A little tease from the paranormal romance 'Craven Desires', I'm working on.
Enjoy ~

Eve chewed her lip as she tried to figure out what was going on.
“You keep nibbling your lip wife, and I may not be able to stop myself from kissing it.” The deep, husky timbre of his voice sent shivers cascading down her spine. His voice spoke of ownership, as if he had a right to kiss her now, or whenever he wanted. What would it be like to have those firm lips dance across hers, and why did he keep calling her Wife?
In a flash of movement he was on the bed, staring at her mouth with a hunger that tightened her mid-section in an unfamiliar way. His pupils dilated and darkened with desire. Before Eve could blink, he’d covered her mouth with his.