I'm Such a Tease

Below is a snippet. A little tease from the paranormal romance 'Craven Desires', I'm working on.
Enjoy ~

Eve chewed her lip as she tried to figure out what was going on.
“You keep nibbling your lip wife, and I may not be able to stop myself from kissing it.” The deep, husky timbre of his voice sent shivers cascading down her spine. His voice spoke of ownership, as if he had a right to kiss her now, or whenever he wanted. What would it be like to have those firm lips dance across hers, and why did he keep calling her Wife?
In a flash of movement he was on the bed, staring at her mouth with a hunger that tightened her mid-section in an unfamiliar way. His pupils dilated and darkened with desire. Before Eve could blink, he’d covered her mouth with his.

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