I love Leap Year.
We used to have a Sadie Hawkins dance when I went to high school. This was the one dance the girl could ask the boy out to. Times have changed, but back then, the girl still waited for the boy to make the first move.
I also enjoy watching the movie Leap Year, where the heroine of the story is going to follow family tradition and ask the live-in boyfriend, who's been dragging his feet, to marry her. Imagine her surprise when she meets and falls in love with a man who irritates the crap out of her as they journey to meet the reluctant beau.
I think the main reason I look forward to February 29 is because it only comes once every four years, it's fresh and new. Kind of like a toy you put aside and only bring out on special occasions. Silly, isn't it.
This year a friend of mine turns '13'. They are finally a teenager.
And, on a sad note, Leap Year will be immortalized by the death of Davy Jones (The Monkeys). At least it will be immortalized for me. I shall sing 'Daydream Believer' all day in memory.

So today - enjoy February 29.
Maybe I'll ask my husband out to dinner. My very own Sadie Hawkins date.

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