Castaway Hearts ~ Taryn Raye

Thanks for having me, Madison.

Today, for me, feels like a significant milestone because in a week, I will be a published author. I’ve been working toward this goal for quite a long time and it’s still a very surreal feeling when I think about the fact that something I’ve written will be out there in the world, available to others in a way I never imagined it would be. Sure, I dreamed of this since I was a kid, but now that the moment is upon me, I’m awestruck and nervous and wondering how often I might need to pinch myself to know it’s real.

Today I’d like to share an excerpt from my upcoming first week of April release from Turquoise Morning Press, Castaway Hearts.

Dawson sat on the edge of their bed and watched as clothing swung over the side of the screen.  First, the bridal gown went up, and then the pink nightgown disappeared behind it.

He imagined how it looked as it slipped over Catherine’s head and shimmied down over her smooth young curves. The very imagery made his pulse pound throughout his body, eager for this moment. It haunted him for months, this opportunity to view her in all her blessed glory.

Dawson kicked off his shoes and removed his jacket and the tie from around his neck. Catherine cleared her throat as he unbuttoned his shirt, which invited a gaze in her direction.

In the dim lamp light, she was the image of sensuality mingled with youth and innocence. The pink gown fluttered around her ankles and the fabric swayed with her movements. He glimpsed the silhouette of her hip and the swell of her breast through the wispy material. Her hair of flames tumbled loose and licked over her shoulders, now midway down her back. Even in the pale light, her eyes smoldered like dark sapphires when she smiled.

In one swift movement, he stood in front of her.

Slow but eager, Dawson touched her cheek with the back of his hand, her skin as soft as the gown she wore. His hand shivered down her neck and came to rest beneath one of her breasts. He cupped it in his palm with tenderness. She shuddered and took a short deep breath.

Dawson brought his lips to hers, certain her fiery hair and tender kisses would burn him alive. Lips as tender as ever, he kissed her as his hands moved over her shoulders and down her back, his tongue welcomed inside her mouth.

Her slender arms encircled his neck to tug him closer to her body.

“Oh, Dawson.”

A surge of passion flooded through him when her body melted into his and his name fell from her rich moist lips. Dawson hauled her toward the bed and kissed her as he lowered her down upon it. Nothing in his life had ever felt as right as it did at this moment with Catherine in his arms. Their bodies moved closer and he released her lips again to trail kisses down her neck while his hands traveled the length of her body.

Catherine sighed. His lips nibbled at her skin with the softest of bites, but her body trembled beneath his tender touch.

Her breasts were full and round, her nipples like tiny pink silky-covered mountains lifted toward the heavens. His hand ran further down over her hip and thigh, hungry to touch her everywhere all at once.

“You are so beautiful, Catherine.” Dawson mumbled into her neck and backed away to look into her eyes. She watched him in adoration, the purity of her desire shone in their blue depths.

When their lips met again, her hands found their way to his shoulders and down his arms across his hips.

Dawson shuddered at the warmth of her contact and caresses. Every muscle in his body tingled, his manhood full and firm from want of her. Her fingers undid the rest of the buttons on his shirt with fluid agility and then her hands crept inside to push it away from his shoulders.

Catherine’s fingers splayed over his chest and down his abdomen. His muscles rippled and flexed beneath her fingertips. Dawson caught his breath and quivered at her touch.


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  1. Thanks for having me Madison!

  2. Taryn, Congrats and I am so excited for you !!!! It really is a great feeling and your book sounds fantastic!!! Are you working on the next one now???

  3. Whoooo! I'm fanning myself. Very good excerpt. Can't wait until it's release!!!
    Teresa R.

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies.

    Krista- I'm currently working on one of the novels from the 2nd series I'm writing.

    Teresa- glad you liked it. I can't wait either!

  5. @Krista - I agree. Nothing is more exciting than seeing YOUR cover and knowing your baby is ready to launch
    @Teresa - I'm sure Taryn had fun writing this. I love the little paths our minds take when we create.
    @Taryn - thank you for visiting me today. You're welcome back ANY time.

  6. Lovely excerpt, Taryn! Just a week more. I'll be first in line with my new Kindle. I'm so happy and excited for you!

  7. Thanks so much for having me Madison!

    Devon! :D Squee!