Today's Coven Feature is my very own According to Plan. For fun, I thought I'd tell you the history of my debut novel.

It actually started out as Shelby's Legacy- complete with a trapped fourteenth century laird in a mirror and Tank was the ne'er-do-well boyfriend brought in to heighten the tension between Shelby and Liam.

Manuscript completed, I sent it off to The Wild Rose Press and they rejected it. (rightfully so - it really was terrible) However, the editor, Karen, liked the interaction between Shelby and Tank - not so much Liam.

So - the manuscript evolved into Shelby's Dilema as Shelby tried to figure out which man she should be with. Once again the astute editor said no, and listed reasons.

          1. Liam, the cheeky bastard, was too much of a distraction.
          2. Liam needed his own book.
          3. Focus on the love story between Shelby and Tank.

I should have known. Tank claimed Shelby right from the start, and nothing stood in his way.

When According to Plan was ready to be launched, I once again queried this wonderful woman who'd taken the time to give me direction in my writing, but she'd retired. I didn't have the same rapport with the new editor who replaced her. I believe her exact words were to 'quit flogging a dead horse'. Then my friend M.K. Ethridge pointed me in the direction of another publishing house called Turquoise Morning Press.

Can I say - The Rest Is History?


What do you do when things don't go According to Plan? For starters, you trick, deceive, and lie to the very person who ruined your best laid plans.

Welcome to the world of Shelby Stewart, Private Investigator, who's been hired to find Harrison Grant. To complicate matters further, her ex-partner, ex-lover, ex-everything Tank shows up looking for Harrison as well, albeit for a very different reason.

Harry is the prime suspect in the grisly murder of a call girl, Lulu, in L.A. That wouldn't be so bad, but Tank plans on staying at Shelby's house, and makes it obvious he's quite willing to help her heat the sheets, again. Shelby knows that sex with Tank is dangerous, fast, and sometimes a little dirty. Now is not the time to become side-tracked. Besides, this job could launch her company into a whole new stratosphere, so it's imperative she remain focused.

Frustration becomes Shelby's newest partner as she makes plans to out maneuver Tank in their parallel quest. Tank, on the other hand, is always one step ahead of the game--and is not what, or who, Shelby thought.

Amazon Reviews:

Wow! I need some ice water after reading this! It's a scorcher! This book, from the beginning started off with a bang! The characters had an attraction that burned the pages...This book has it all; bad guys, mystery, romance and the sex..oh my!
WARNING: After reading, find a fireman who knows how to use his hose!
~~~Talina Perkins

LOVED this book. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I absolutely adore Madison Edwards and she has now become a go to author for me. I found According To Plan to be highly engaging, quirky, sexy and just downright fun to read!
~~~Nikki Brandyberry

According to Plan was a good romantic suspense filled with a LOT of very hot sex. It was worth the time and will definitely warm you up on those chilly autumn nights.
~~~Blue Shedevil



  1. That's a great story Madison, glad you never gave up !!!

  2. Great post. I can't believe you listened to me. No one ever listens to me... Oh well. I'm glad you did!