Of course I love this author - Gabriel Madison - with a lovely last name such as his, how could I not?

Gabriel Madison started writing when he was in high school, mostly short stories and poetry, and then developed a passion for screenplays. He attended a private art University in Atlanta Georgia for Media Production. There he studied script writing and film making. He wrote a few screenplays, and made a few short movies, including a twelve-minute vampire movie, he adapted from a short story, called Midnight Diner. After leaving school, his passion shifted mainly towards writing stories, than shooting and directing them. He writes short stories, novellas, screenplays, graphic novels and full-length novels. He was once asked to define himself: he answered... 'storyteller'.

Angel Santos wants to be an average seventeen year old girl.That's kind of hard for a reincarnated Archangel who's hiding her powers. It gets even harder when God vanishes from Heaven and her old friends turn to her to find the last angel to see Him. Now all she has to do is stop the impending apocolypse and fend off her best friend's attempts to make herself popular. All in a week's work.

I felt him coming before he appeared in front of me. Zadkiel dropped from the ceiling of the little apartment in battle mode. His hand held a blazing sword of fire, and his armor flared a bright shade of gold. “Reapers,” Zadkiel whispered as he watched the front door.
Cherubim summoned the fire, and formed it into a battle axe as he stood beside Zadkiel. “How many?”
Zadkiel didn‘t look away from the front door, “A lot.”
Jacob slowly stood as he recovered from my blow. The man continued to lay unconscious on the floor. Both would be easily destroyed by the Reapers.
I grabbed the man on the floor and dragged him to a closet in the room. I opened the closet and quickly shoved him in, before turning to Jacob, “Your turn.”
He stood next to Cherubim as if ready to fight. I opened my mouth to speak, but Cherubim beat me to it. “No Jacob, you must join our charge in the closet. You must protect him if any Reapers get past us.”
Jacob stared at Cherubim for a moment before bowing his head and walking into the closet with the man. I closed the door, took off my silver cross I wore around my neck and wrapped it around the doorknob of the closet. It wouldn‘t keep the Reapers out, but it would slow them down.
I turned and stood beside Cherubim. The angel looked down at me with concern. “Maybe you should join Jacob in the closet? You need to survive to find Lailah.”
“Yeah, and I need the only two angels on earth I trust to survive long enough to help me find her. We‘re in this together old man.”
Cherubim laughed. “You are definitely Major General Ariel.”
Since my birth in this world, I‘d tried everything to erase who I was, but as I stood waiting for battle, Ariel flared up inside of me again, and she craved combat.
I felt the fire building in my flesh, as it flowed from my center, all the way to my right hand. I unleashed the blaze, as I mentally molded it into a sword.
We stood there, the three of us, weapons in hand, waiting for the battle to begin. I felt a serge of excitement rush through me. Ariel missed the battle. She missed the sensation of facing down her enemies in a fight to the death.


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