Review - Get a Clue by Jill Shalvis

I'm just sayin' - You've been warned!

I enjoy Jill Shalvis' writing style, and I was not disappointed. Breanne has been stood up at the alter (third time jilted in her short life) but decides to head up to the remote ski lodge she and her fiancee had planned on going to. When she gets there, the room - or shall I say the shower - is occupied by one hunky, oh-so-alpha male, Cooper.

May I pause and just say 'Yum'? Thank you - where was I?

Normally things like this would be straightened out fairly quick, but the owner is incommunicado, the staff are a little on edge, and the snowstorm of the century forces everyone to stay there - for days.
The sexual tension between Breanne and Cooper flies off the page, and we see how protective he becomes when they find the owner dead in the basement - very incommunicado.

The balance of the story is Cooper trying to determine who killed Edward, get close, really close to Breanne, and make sure no one else is hurt.

Breanne, meanwhile, is trying to NOT like Cooper, find out why she hears humming in places liked locked rooms, and keeps stumbling across blood soaked evidence.

Now - here's the reason I only gave this story 4 stars.

I really, really, really wanted the bad guy to be Breanne's lousy fiancee. I wanted this whole dump you at the alter, send you on the lonely honeymoon, to be a nefarious plan on the part of her ex so that he could grab her Palm Pilot (which he told he he'd done illegal transactions on) and he was the one who killed Edward (because Edward was in on it).

I didn't buy who Ms. Shalvis wrote killed Edward. (I won't spoil this too much by telling you who) It felt like it had been a quick fix. If the mystery had pulled me in a little deeper, I would have slapped a ten star on this book (if I could)

I'm sorry Jill Shalvis - you know I love your books!

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