Tantalizing Tuesday Tidbits

Cian Mac Lachlan regretted entering the crowded, noisy pub. But he'd experienced an inexplicable desire to come into this small pub. One he'd passed by countless times, never giving it a second thought.

Almost against his will, his eyes followed the young woman serving him. Petite, she looked like one good gust of wind would blow her over. A familiar heat spread through his loins as he watched her sway, weaving between tables. She set a Guinness on the table.

"Here you go. Would you like anything else?" Her honeyed voice poured over him, licking the edges of his heart. A primal urge to possess flowed through him. His lips curled back and his incisors lengthened.

"Would you like anything else?” she repeated. “Maybe something from the menu?"

With a start, he shook out of his thoughts. "No, thank you. This will be all I require."

She gave him a puzzled look, but it slid away faster than a blink. "Okay. Let me know when you want your tab."

Her deep accent feathered down his spine. He closed his eyes and let her scent sweep through him, memorizing it. His cock throbbed and he hungered. For the first time in two hundred years, he hungered.

Every Tuesday a group of authors gather and choose a photo that inspires them, then post a teaser that is 200 words in length. I hope you enjoyed my humble offering from Dark Desires ~ current WIP.
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777 Challenge ~ Tag, You're It

I have been tagged by Taryn Rae in a 777 Challenge. The challenge is this: Go to page 7 of your current Work in Progress (WIP) and post at least 7 lines from that page. Then, tag 7 other authors and challenge them to do the same.
Not one to back away from a challenge, I jumped at the chance to put my seven cents in.

My submission is from 'Man of Her Dreams', where our hero has moved to Ravenwood and is slowly getting to know the town folk.

He grabbed a table near the window and placed his order.
“You the guy who bought Old Man Wilkinson’s house?”
Jared looked up from his phone, where he’d been checking e-mails and noticed the cook leaning on the counter, watching him.
“Yes.” Jared turned his phone off when the cook came around the corner and held out his hand.
“Jimmy Garibaldi, I own this place.”
Jared shook the extended hand. “Jared Kane.”
Normally Jared would take the pizza home, like he did in New York, but Jimmy sat down and chatted amicably about Ravenwood and why he moved here from Chicago. After a couple of beers, with the uneaten remainder of his pizza in a box, Jared shook Jimmy’s hand one more time and headed home.
Funny, how he already thought of Ravenwood as home after only a few short months.
At the only stop sign in town, Jared hesitated. He really didn’t want to go back to his house. The only thing waiting for him was an unfinished manuscript.
He grimaced. If he didn’t want to lie to Daran, he should put some time into his novel, but it was a beautiful evening and right now he wanted to play hooky. Decision made, he headed south toward Nesland Lake.

Thanks for reading my seven.
See you in the writer's circle.

Six Sentence Sunday

     "What say you to a wager?” The lazy voice of Gaeden drifted over to Cian, along with the scent of Jasmine and sandalwood as both men reclined on lush divans beneath the shade of large palm trees.
His eyes closed, enjoying the soft breeze caressing his face, Cian replied, “It depends on the wager.”
Gaeden twisted from where he lay beneath the sheltering canopy. “Laird Craven will take a wife­,  and I wager I can make her fall in love with someone else.”
“And whom do you propose she fall in love with?”
A sly grin turned firm lips up in one corner. “Why me, of course.”


Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser

Every Tuesday, several talented writers are known to gather. They each choose a picture that inspires them and write a two hundred word teaser to tantalize, titillate and tease. Make Tuesday your favorite day of the week and enjoy my Tantalizing Tuesday Teaser!

"What the Sam Hill do you think you're doin'?"
Cole lifted the worn cowboy hat off his sweaty brow and looked over his shoulder at the woman holding open a gate to the corral.
"Takin' a bath."
He plunked the hat back on his forehead, closed his eyes and tried to ignore the spitfire that had his cock bob just below the water line. Five more minutes. If she'd have come around the paddock five minutes later, he'd have finished dunking his body in the cool water and been on his way.
"You can't take a bath in the horse trough. What if Brody catches you?"
With a deep sigh, Cole lifted the hat off his brow one last time.
"Sissy. If you don't want more than an eyeful, you'd better leave now." He glanced back over his shoulder. Dull red tinged her neck and creeped up her cheeks. She pivoted and turned her back, but didn't leave.
"There's nothing you got that I haven't seen, Cole Hardy."
Cole grinned and rose, water dripping off his muscled body. "Yeah, but you ain't seen it on me." He stepped out of the trough and had just grabbed his dusty jeans when he heard a small gasp. Sissy twirled away for the second time, her back ramrod straight. Zipping his pants, Cole padded behind her. She gave a start when he leaned in and whispered against her heated cheek.
"Like what you saw, Sissy?" He moved closer, the heat from her back warming his abs. Slowly he placed an arm on either side of her against the rails, boxing her in. Small, shallow breaths let him know she was affected, even if she'd never tell him.
Not any more. Not after last summer.
He nuzzled her neck. "Say the word, and it's all yours."

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Book Signing

So, I've completed my first author book signing. Whew! There aren't many more firsts in my life to enjoy. (Yes - I'm that old)
The Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together, held in Cincinnati the first weekend of June, was a blast. What I love most about this conference is that it's heavy on the reader involvement. This means there are a large number of readers / reviewers / bloggers, etc. And THAT is what makes this conference great.
We write books, they read them.
I love the fact I met people who read my books, and stopped to chat with me about them. What a blast. Two women stopped and told me how much they loved Tank (who doesn't?) and another lady got really excited over The Perfect Secretary. What a thrill to know someone read your work, and remembered it.
These are things I'll treasure.
Also, as an author, it's always  fun to meet up with others. We tend to live in an on-line world and I like to put physical faces and bodies to those I 'chat' with all the time.
Here are some pictures of these great ladies and also photos taken of the authors who attended en massse.

These were the naughty ladies I joined at an Irish pub called the Dingle House Pub. We, I mean Renee Vincent, absconded with the bar tenders kilt. There are pictures to prove it, but I'm not allowed by Renee court order to disclose any more than that...

Group photo of all the authors

Turquoise Morning Press Authors

Emily wouldn't let me kiss her, so.... I compromised.

Billy Freda - Cover Model
Yes, He is that cute.