Book Signing

So, I've completed my first author book signing. Whew! There aren't many more firsts in my life to enjoy. (Yes - I'm that old)
The Lori Foster Reader Author Get Together, held in Cincinnati the first weekend of June, was a blast. What I love most about this conference is that it's heavy on the reader involvement. This means there are a large number of readers / reviewers / bloggers, etc. And THAT is what makes this conference great.
We write books, they read them.
I love the fact I met people who read my books, and stopped to chat with me about them. What a blast. Two women stopped and told me how much they loved Tank (who doesn't?) and another lady got really excited over The Perfect Secretary. What a thrill to know someone read your work, and remembered it.
These are things I'll treasure.
Also, as an author, it's always  fun to meet up with others. We tend to live in an on-line world and I like to put physical faces and bodies to those I 'chat' with all the time.
Here are some pictures of these great ladies and also photos taken of the authors who attended en massse.

These were the naughty ladies I joined at an Irish pub called the Dingle House Pub. We, I mean Renee Vincent, absconded with the bar tenders kilt. There are pictures to prove it, but I'm not allowed by Renee court order to disclose any more than that...

Group photo of all the authors

Turquoise Morning Press Authors

Emily wouldn't let me kiss her, so.... I compromised.

Billy Freda - Cover Model
Yes, He is that cute.

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