Six Sentence Sunday

     "What say you to a wager?” The lazy voice of Gaeden drifted over to Cian, along with the scent of Jasmine and sandalwood as both men reclined on lush divans beneath the shade of large palm trees.
His eyes closed, enjoying the soft breeze caressing his face, Cian replied, “It depends on the wager.”
Gaeden twisted from where he lay beneath the sheltering canopy. “Laird Craven will take a wife­,  and I wager I can make her fall in love with someone else.”
“And whom do you propose she fall in love with?”
A sly grin turned firm lips up in one corner. “Why me, of course.”



  1. You painted such a great picture in just six sentences along with a layer of foreshadow of things to come. That was a fun read! :)

  2. Uh oh. Now there's some trouble brewing. Nice job!

  3. Oh yeah, you hooked me in six. Great job.