According to Plan


“What are you doing here?” After shrugging off his hand, I spared him a glance. I shouldn’t have. He looked pretty good, for an asshole.

Dressed in faded jeans his black tee shirt lay snug across his chest and loose around his abs. Well over six feet, he had the physique of an oil rigger, built rock hard around pure muscle and adrenalin. Stubble darkened his jaw and hair the color of burnished oak brushed his shoulders. Although mirrored glasses hid his eyes I knew one was green, the other blue and they missed nothing.

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Tantalizing Tuesday

“Quit yer catterwailing.”

The man shifted the wriggling, thick burlap bag onto his shoulder and continued toward the rusted, dirty pick-up truck. Parked beneath a huge elm, any light that managed to reach the vehicle disappeared into a gathering mist.

“Dag-burned hell-cat.” With a grunt he heaved the sack into back of the truck and secured it down with a bungee cord before wiping his brow with a cloth from his back pocket. A low growl emitted from the bag.

“Growl all you want, kitty cat. You ain’t goin’ nowhere.” He trudged to driver’s door and slid into the truck, “At least, not tonight.”




T’Vok registered these singular thoughts as she struggled to stay in cat form. She’d become complacent about humans and had strayed into a well hidden net. How could she not have smelled their stench? K’Vor would never let her attend counsel and go through the rite now.

She had no doubt K’Vor would find her. He was the best tracker of their pride. That is if he even realized she hadn’t returned. They hadn’t parted on the best of terms, fighting about her desire to go through the ceremony this full moon and his orders that she wait until she passed through zafar.

Zafar wasn’t until the next new moon and T’Lar would already have gone through the ceremony. There’s no way she’d allow T’Lar to exceed her. In anything. Heat began to spread through her limbs.

Not now.

Not now.


She couldn’t shift now. She’d be too vulnerable. Focusing all her thoughts to harnessing her body, she almost didn’t realize the truck had stopped moving.

Every Tuesday a group of authors gather and choose a photo that inspires them, then post a teaser that is 200 words in length. I hope you enjoyed my humble offering from the mixed up files that are my life.
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Six Sentence Sunday

Once again, I was a bad girl and forgot to put my name on the official list for Six Sentence Sunday. Ah well, life can get it the way sometimes.  That said - here is my six. Hope you enjoy. It's from my newest WIP - The Contract, the third installment in The Perfect Secretary series:

Jonah Carter surveyed the crowded bar, skimming past familiar faces until his attention was caught by a woman entering with another couple. Of average height, she was a little heavy by popular media standards but Jonah appreciated the womanly curves filling out what looked like a squeaky new leather corset. Beneath the wrought iron sconces her hair shone and fell past her shoulders like a dark curtain and he wondered if it would be as silky to the touch as it looked.

He guessed this was her first time at a club like Breathless, given the way she stayed tucked tight with the couple she’d arrived with. First timers didn’t appeal to Jonah, he liked his partners to know what they wanted, yet be willing to step outside their comfort zone. Newbies were generally too terrified to speak up and make their desires known.