Six Sentence Sunday

Once again, I was a bad girl and forgot to put my name on the official list for Six Sentence Sunday. Ah well, life can get it the way sometimes.  That said - here is my six. Hope you enjoy. It's from my newest WIP - The Contract, the third installment in The Perfect Secretary series:

Jonah Carter surveyed the crowded bar, skimming past familiar faces until his attention was caught by a woman entering with another couple. Of average height, she was a little heavy by popular media standards but Jonah appreciated the womanly curves filling out what looked like a squeaky new leather corset. Beneath the wrought iron sconces her hair shone and fell past her shoulders like a dark curtain and he wondered if it would be as silky to the touch as it looked.

He guessed this was her first time at a club like Breathless, given the way she stayed tucked tight with the couple she’d arrived with. First timers didn’t appeal to Jonah, he liked his partners to know what they wanted, yet be willing to step outside their comfort zone. Newbies were generally too terrified to speak up and make their desires known.

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