Janie Emaus ~ Mercury in Retro Love

The Stars of Our Destiny
If your life has been a bit upside lately it’s most likely because the planet Mercury had been in retrograde for the past three weeks. For those of you unfamiliar with this phenomenon, it appears as if Mercury is going backwards in the sky.  It happens three to four times a year.  This current retrograde started on November 6th and lasted until November 26th.
Since Mercury rules communication, during retrograde all sorts of things go haywire.  For instance, it’s not a good time to sign contracts, start a new job, or make important decisions concerning your love life.  Cars can breakdown.  Planes get delayed.  Computers crash.   
According to fifteen-year-old astrologer, Emma Seigel, the protagonist of my young adult novel, MERCURY IN RETRO LOVE, “Mercury in retrograde is like an astrological PMS.”  Definitely not a good time for her to start a new relationship.
Unfortunately, Emma sees a boyfriend alert in her forecast and must act quickly to land the boy of her dreams before the retro period starts.  Her plan backfires and she is soon faced with breaking up with her “not so perfect star-match.”
* * * * * * *
While writing this book, I went through at least a dozen retrograde periods. I had my computer guy and my astrologer friend on speed dial and I can’t even tell you how many times I needed both of them.
In fact, since I started writing seriously with the goal of getting published, I’ve lived through over one hundred retrogrades. 
So, you can see how long it’s taken for me to get to this point in my career.
But I’ve never given up.  I’ve been through five agents (one ended our relationship during retrograde) gotten very close to a sale in several editorial meetings, and have received enough rejection letters to cover the Zodiac. 
Whether Mercury was retrograde or not, I’ve always persevered.  I’ve stayed focused, believing in myself, my stories and my writing.   And you know what?   Perseverance really does pay off.  (So does backing up, but that’s another story.)   
I was quite glad to sign the contract for MERCURY IN RETRO LOVE, when Mercury was not retrograde.  And for the last three weeks, I was mindful of how I communicated with those around me, charged my cellphone and iPad every night, and always left the house wearing clean underwear.
But through the years I’ve learned  it doesn’t really matter what day it is, what time it is or how the planets and stars are lined up in order write the best book that we possible can. 
We just have to do it.  Because we are the stars of our destiny.
Do you have any retrograde stories you would like to share?
Janie's book is available at Amazon & Turquoise Morning Press

Six Sentence Sunday - Nov 25

This excerpt is from my WIP - Bound and Determined - a story about Seth and Ava.

Tall and broad shouldered, he walked with the fluid grace of an athlete. Raven black hair, compliments of his Cherokee heritage usually flowed over  his shoulders, but tonight it was bound in a leather thong. The pony tail was at complete odds with the collared white business shirt and soft linen trousers which accentuated muscled thighs. The cuffs of the shirt were rolled up, exposing a hard muscled forearm and the thick leather wrist band of his watch.
Without turning, she knew every move she made was monitored and catalogued, stored in a steel trap mind that never forgot one excrutiating detail.
She knew that because she watched him too.