About the Book:

A tortured soul...

Breandán Mac Liam, the strapping young hunter from Ireland's lush forests is in love with Mara, an ineligible beautiful princess. For seven long years he has been vividly haunted by her memory, taunted by the throes of his heartache. And not even the thought of her marriage to a Northman can extinguish the fierce, burning desire running rampant through his soul.

An innocent soul...

Mara, the spirited Connacht princess, has no idea she is the object of the Irishman's longing. She is living out her days on Inis Mór, raising a troubled son and trying to endure the cruel loneliness that afflicts her heart.

A deadly secret...

Ordered by the king on his deathbed, Breandán must return to Mara and bring her through the perilous lands of Connacht to fulfill her father's last dying wish. But as their worlds collide, Breandán not only finds himself wrapped in the arms of Mara's embrace, but thrown into a struggle to defend his honor.

With Mara caught between the family she loves and the father she knows, can Breandán uncover the mystery of her past and still protect her from a secret that threatens them all?

"Open your eyes, Mara. Open them and know 'tis I who is kissing you."

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About the Author:

Renee Vincent is a historical romance author who has had a passion to write since she was about five years old. Living in Kentucky on a secluded farm of horses and hay fields, she balances her responsibilities of being a wife, mother, and author as best she can. In her free time she enjoys riding her horse - a full-blood Tennessee walker - named Lucky, reading romance novels, and watching great historical movies.

The Art of Aging

I phoned my mother this past Saturday, May 19. It was her birthday - she turned ninety-five. I was amazed at how strong her voice was. We often think the aged are frail and wispy.
Not my mother.
Marjorie May McFadyn was born in the year 1917 in Parkbeg, Saskathewan. There was one more year left in the War to end all Wars - World War I. Around 1935 she graduated and moved to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for nursing college. Four short years later, Germany invaded Poland and instigated the start of World War II.
While at nursing college she bonded with three other women and every year, for as long as I can remember, they reunited for a weekend of laughter and memories. My  mother is the only survivor of this cadre of friends.
One of these ladies was her bestest friend - Mae. This was the greatest friendship my mother had, spanning time and distance. When Mae married in 1943, mother was her maid of honor. At this wedding, the best man was a handsome army sergeant - Erhard Danielson. Tall and athletic, he cut a fine figure in his uniform. For two years Erhard and Marjorie wrote one another. Erhard propsed in a letter and she responded yes. Early text messaging here.
The war ended and they began married life. My brothers were born in 1948 and 1953, I followed in 1960 (I'll wait while you do the math)..... My mother nursed until she retired at the age of sixty-five, and even then it was under great protest. She wasn't ready to retire, she loved her profession so much, and her love of medicine translated into my brothers. My eldest brother is a doctor and my second brother was a psychiatric nurse in the army.
What I admire most is her practicality and common sense. Mom never gets excited. I guess because she's seen it all. She's travelled to England and Europe. She got her driver's license for the first time when she turned sixty-four. You read that right. Sixty-four. I aged ten years taking her around prior to the driving test. That may be the only time I saw her a bit flustered. It can get dicey when you step on the gas pedal instead of the brake and a pick-up truck almost backs into you.
I asked her what did she do on her birthday - anything special?
She responded, as only my mother could, "Oh, nothing much. Watched TV and then slept. I felt lazy today."
Be lazy, Marjorie May McFadyn-Danielson. You've earned it!

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The contest for a hard copy of ACCORDING TO PLAN, through Goodreads, closed April 30, 2012 with two winners.

1. Mary from Irving, Texas, USA
2. Zoe, from Kenmore Hills, Queensland, Australia.

A copy of my book will be winging its way to you shortly, and thank you for entering.
What fun.

I may have to do this with an electronic copy... What do you think?
Should I?