Maggie Wells ~ Jumping Mr. January

Madison: I asked Macy Beck, local photographer and artistic director behind the successful Men and Women of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center fundraising calendar, to give us the lowdown on this sensational project. Welcome, Macy!
Macy: Hi, Madison! Thanks for having me here.
Madison: Sounds like you guys have some pretty Hot Nights in St. Blaise. What can you tell me about this series?
Macy: Well, when Beth Watkins told me she was going to pitch a nudie calendar to the St. Blaise Regional Medical Center Board of Directors, I nearly fell right out of my chair. But she got the go-ahead, and the next thing we know, we’ve got all doctors, nurses, and support staff volunteering to strip down to their birthday suits in order to beef up the hospital’s bank account. Of course, they couldn’t do it without me. 

Madison: But more than your deliciously racy pics, I hear rumors that the calendar might have spawned more than one romance. Can you tell us about that? 

Macy: More than one? *snorts* Try twelve. Twelve red-hot romances. Of course, I saw it all coming. 

Madison: You did? How so? 

Macy: The camera doesn’t lie. Well, my camera doesn’t. I knew the moment Beth Watkins came tiptoeing into my studio that she was more interested in Mr. January’s tripod than any of mine. 

Madison: Tell us a little about Beth and her guy, Spence. They’re the ones who kicked the whole thing off, right? 

Macy: I’ll do you one better – I’ll give you a sneak peek.

Here’s the setup:
When she pitched the idea for The Men and Women of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center fundraising calendar to her Board of Directors, Beth Watkins thought she wrote the perfect prescription for the small town hospital’s budget shortfall.
The moment she got a green light, Beth went after the man she wanted to be her Mr. January and so much more. She had no time to waste. Hunky EMT Robert ‘Spence’ Spencer was leaving for medical school within weeks of the photo shoot she arranged and there was no way on earth Beth was going to miss the chance to sneak a peek at her old high school crush in all his glory.
Focused and dedicated, Spence wants bigger things than his hometown can offer, but when brainy, sexy Beth Watkins breezes back into St. Blaise with a plan that includes getting into his pants, he finds she is the one woman who can offer him something he doesn’t want to refuse. 

And here’s a snapshot:
He was no coward. He wasn’t afraid of hard work. Every goal he’d ever set for himself he met. All but this one. He wouldn’t let fear run him off this time. His lame-ass plan was in motion, he’d be damned if he backed down now. Not when she stepped closer. Closer than they’d ever been before. He met her bewildered blue eyes.
“I saw you.” The words slipped out before his brain engaged. For the briefest of moments, he wished them back. But when his meaning dawned, there was no going back. “I saw you here the day of my shoot, Beth.”
Her eyes grew round as saucers. “I…I’m responsible….”
Pressing his fingertips to her lips, he silenced her protests. Time to put an end to this game. Her lashes lowered, the dark spikes casting shadows on her cheeks. Unable to resist, he stroked the pearly pink skin, tracing the curve of her cheekbone with his knuckles. “I want you.”
She gasped softly and the curtain of her lashes rose, unveiling eyes bright with delight. “I knew it.”
Spence chuckled and pressed the pad of his thumb to her plush lips once more. “Shh.” He smiled, letting it stretch across his face as her eyes narrowed. “Nothing to brag about, Beth.”
She matched him grin for grin. “Bet me. There are sixty-three other women wishing they were here with you right now.”
Again she tossed off a shrug, and again he found himself thinking the most bizarrely erotic thoughts about her freckle-dusted shoulder. “You had sixty-five nominations total. More than anyone else, even the docs.”
“Sixty-five?” He shook his head, unable to blow past the numbers she kept tossing at him.
“Macy too, but since she left us here alone I’m assuming she doesn’t want to swap places.”
Another shrug marked him a goner. She squeaked when he wrapped his arm around her. Hauling her closer, he pressed his open mouth to the sun-kissed skin. Her startled gasp smoothed into a sigh when his teeth scraped the rounded curve of her shoulder. He rained tiny kisses on her arm then nuzzled the sleeve of her top, desperate to get to those freckles. “I want you,” he whispered against her skin.
Swallowing hard, he forced himself to pull back. Beth braced her hands on his shoulders to keep her balance. He doled himself extra good behavior points when he managed to resist the urge to yank her down on top of him. 

Macy: Needless to say, I never left them alone in my studio again. 

Madison: Wow. I guess not. Well, thanks for stopping by, Macy. 

Macy: It was my pleasure. 

Madison: I look forward to *ahem* seeing more of Beth and Spence.  

Macy: Oh, you’ll see a lot more of them. Thanks for having me here, Madison! 

Madison: Excellent! Jumping Mr. January by Maggie Wells is available now in all ebook formats at the Turquoise Morning Press bookstore or your favorite online retailer.  

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Sharon Clare ~ Rhapsody

First off, I want to thank Madison for having me as a guest today. Yes, some things are meant to be naughty and that’s okay. I’ve held a similar philosophy as I’ve struggled to share my novels with my kids, all over twenty years old. They’re very excited and supportive to see their mom published, but there’s a big ick factor around naughtiness. Understandably.
When I received a copy of Love of Her Lives, my first novel, I was so excited I started to read the first chapter aloud to my twenty year old son. He sat through it looking politely supportive. I asked if he’d like me to read more. He cringed. “No. It makes me really uncomfortable to hear my mom say balls.”
Balls? Oh, come on. It’s an innocent reference. Really. Set in 1907, a married couple argue over women’s rights. In Bethany’s point of view, it goes like this:
“I will gladly go to prison before I abandon the fight for women’s enfranchisement.” She took a second to gulp a deep breath. “If you think to force me to cease this cause,” one more deep breath, “then you are no husband of mine.”
“No husband? What sort of husband doesn’t protect his wife? Do you wish to cut my balls off too, so you can be married to a eunuch?”
It was just like him to overlook her point. “This isn’t about your balls, you bloody man!”
The sound of bleating sheep grew closer. Glancing over her shoulder, she flinched to see them moving toward her at a quick advance. Dear God, they looked agitated. She took a step toward her insufferable husband.
I think the naughtiness in Love of Her Lives is pretty tame relatively speaking, but my daughter pointed out that since I read to them throughout their childhood, she hears my voice in the words. Of course parents cannot be seen as sexual creatures. I had parents, I get that. So as a safeguard, she skips pages where things get intimate.
I’ve suggested my kids not read my paranormal novella Rhapsody. The premise is just too naughty. When their tropical resort disappears, Jonathan and Isabelle must play a game of seduction to win their freedom from the Elvin world where they are trapped.
I do struggle a bit with how far to go naughty-wise, but at the same time, it’s a fun place to go.
Here’s an excerpt from Rhapsody where Isabelle’s throw of the die leads to a magical bondage scene:
He inched her skirt up slowly, let the fabric glide over her perfect thighs. Silky fabric she’d chosen for the sensual feel of it against her legs — women did that, he imagined. Damn, he’d never seen thighs as firm and flawless and sexy as hell. Smooth. Kissable. With little effort, he gave into the urge to have another taste of her now. He leaned down and nibbled the side of her knee, nipped at her skin lightly. Her feel, her taste, her scent invaded his head all at once.
“Oh.” The one word drew out of her slowly like a soft moan. Her response was fire streaking through his veins. Her bonds only fed the flames. Her willingness to explore and take a risk was more of a turn on to him than he’d have guessed.
“Do that again … but … ”
Her breath eased out softly as he stroked her thigh with his fingertips. “But … you should do your sketch quickly, so we can finish the game.”
“Sketch here? I’m not even halfway to my canvas. I’m going all the way up, baby. Did I mention I play to win?” Touching her gave him a sensual charge beyond anything he’d experienced.
She made another sound and now he wasn’t sure if it was one of pleasure or annoyance, and he’d be damned not to know the difference.
“I’ll need to spread your legs a little further apart, so I have a decent expanse for my artwork.” As he nudged her legs to expose more of that delectable thigh, he felt the tremble. Again. Nothing like a tremble to spur a man on.
“Excited, sweetheart?”
“Mmmm hmmm. This feeling of being able to do nothing but accept what you choose to do is driving me wild.” The rough sound of her voice was confirmation, but her admission surprised him.
And made him grow hard in his pants. Ah, perhaps she was playing with him, the little minx.
With a dip of his head, he brushed the inside of her thigh with his lips. “Tell me more. When you’re fantasizing about silk ties, are you naked first or do you prefer to have a man slowly strip and expose you?”
“What makes you think it’s a man in my fantasy?”
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Author Bio:
Sharon Clare lives in Ontario with her husband and three wonderful grown-up kids who come and go from the nest. She fell in love with writing at the University of Toronto where she graduated with a science degree in psychology and professional writing. She writes paranormal romance and has published short stories, art reviews, newsletter and magazine articles. Her favourite place to write is outside under the maple trees beside the lily pond.