Welcome to Club Breathless

“You’re new here.”

It was a statement, not a question. I looked at the server and nodded. Even though I wrote about Club Breathless, I’d never crossed the threshold until tonight. And after reading the rules and signing a confidentiality agreement, I wasn’t sure if meeting my critique partner here was such a good idea.

“You’ll do fine. Just breathe.”

Some of the tension holding me rigid eased and I managed to give the server, Ava, a tight smile.

“Thanks, Ava. Can I get a rum and coke?”

“Sure. Light, amber or dark?”

“Light please.”

She scribbled onto her pad. “How do you know you didn’t order a Dominant?”

At my tiny gasp she grinned and pivoted toward the bar. Good thing I have a sense of humour, otherwise I’d have beaten a hasty retreat.

Ava had just set my drink in front of me when I spotted Michelle, hovering near the entrance. If I looked even half as nervous as her, we were both in a lot of trouble. I waved her over to our booth. She slid onto the bench seat and gave Ava her order.

I grinned at her. “Thanks for meeting me here.”

“Are you kidding? Who doesn’t want to see the club you write about?”

She scanned the interior, blushing a little at the few people who were almost naked, dancing in the small space carved out between the tables. Maybe dancing was too broad a term. Clothing seemed to be optional, and most opted from little to none. Although scenes were not allowed in the open bar area, most used it as a warm up while waiting for play equipment to become available.

But then Michelle’s eyes widened when she reached the area behind me. "Ohhh…. Who is the gorgeous hunk at the bar?”

I glanced over my shoulder and for the second time that night emitted a tiny gasp.

Seated on a bar stool, one long leg propped on the brass ring, the other stretched out in front of him, was Jonah Carter. Light from a wrought iron sconce highlighted his cheekbones and made his midnight blue eyes look even darker, if possible. Firm lips moved into a smile as he spoke to Ava, and that oh-so-famous dimple creased the side of his cheek.

“That’s Jonah Carter,” I whispered, even though he couldn’t possibly hear me over the music.

The Jonah Carter? Isn’t he a Dungeon Keeper or something like that?”

“Dungeon Master.” I sighed and rolled my eyes. “Have you read any of my stories?”

Michelle nodded, not taking her eyes off Jonah. “He monitors the play areas.”

“Yes. He and the more experienced Doms make sure everything at Club Breathless is safe, sane and consensual.”

“Does he like meeting new people?” Michelle's voice sounded strangely breathy and I knew, without even looking up that Jonah had joined us. Tingles of heat spread through my body at the thought of such an experienced Dominant singling us out.

“Good evening, ladies.” His rough Cajun accent feathered down my spine and my stomach did a funny little flip. I have a good idea why Beth Sanders fell for this man. He oozed sexuality.

Michelle scooted over, patting the empty space beside her. She practically purred as his big frame filled the seat across from me, “You must be Jonah Carter. Madison told me everything about you.”

He looked directly at me and his right eyebrow rose. “Everything?”

I bit back a sigh. Could the man get any sexier?

“Oh yes,” Michelle continued. “How you hired Beth Sanders to be your secretary and she had no idea you were also the Dungeon Master teaching her to be a good submissive. Very naughty of you, keeping Beth blindfolded all the time.”

“Well, Michelle, as Madison likes to say, ‘some things are meant to be naughty’.” He leaned across the table and cradled my hand. Mesmerized, I watch his thumb stroke softly across the back of my fingers. All the sounds in the bar faded to a distant hum. I knew I shouldn't be turned on, but day-am.

When Jonah lifted the hand-I'll-never-wash-again to his mouth, I forgot to breathe. His faint smile against my skin told me that he knew it too. “Next time give some advance notice. I’ll escort you around the club and introduce you to some of the… perks that come with being a Dungeon Master.”

His smouldering gaze, rife with promise, assured me he’d make it worth my while.

I couldn’t help the quick flash of disappointment when he stood and nodded to Michelle, then stroked my cheek with the back of his fingers.

“I look forward to seeing you again.”

Both of us watched him walk away, his stride graceful and fluid, like a panther.

When I finally looked back at Michelle, she mouthed the word, ‘Wow’.

“See?” I said with a shrug, “I had to write about him.”

my inspiration for Jonah

Name the Excerpt

Rules are simple. Tell me which book this excerpt came from.
*hint* - today is from one of mine, and it's okay if you haven't read them - make a wild guess. I only have five out right now. This will become harder as I produce more.
What's your prize, you ask?
Braggin' rights.

His eyes fixated on the zipper in the bustier straining to hold her breasts in check. She managed only short breaths as Blake lazily lifted his hand and pulled on the zipper. The bustier fell to the ground and her breasts spilled out. She stood before him in only the G-string and impossibly high heels.

Stepping closer, he lightly caressed her rounded thigh and drew her closer. He smelled of brandy, musk and a lingering scent of sandalwood. Strong teeth nibbled her earlobe and she allowed her head to fall back, giving him greater access to the pulse beating erratically at the base of her neck. Desire had her trembling, and she knew he could feel it.

So..... Care to make a guess?

Interview with Polly Walker

Paulina Sophia Walker
Polly is the efficient office manager for Shelby Stewart Investigations and co-founder of the Walker Rehabilitation Foundation.

Welcome Ms. Walker.
Thank you, hon'. Call me Polly.
What a nice place you've got. This is way bigger than Shelby's broom closet office.

Other than working for Shelby, what would be your dream job? 
I created a foundation where underprivileged children come to my ranch. They learn to ride horses, muck stalls and help out the ranch hands – always supervised. Working with horses gives them a sense of accomplishment and shows them there’s nothing they can’t do.
When did you last get laid? 
Now that’s a highly personal question, Ms. Edwards. But I will concede that I haven't had a proper date in long, long – loooooong – time.
Whatever happened to that guy you used to date – Shelby thought he was the one. 
He thought he was the one too - *sigh* - then I found out he was more in love with Daddy’s money than me.
How do you like to dress? 
I love being girly. High heels, skirts and nice blouses. Sometimes I think I’m a throwback from an old 1940’s film.
Is there someone your parents are trying to set you up with? 
Yes. Carl Worthington Jr. *shudder*
He had the arms and hands of an octopus. Didn't matter how many times I said no, he kept pressing. Finally I slapped him at a dance in front of everyone.
Shelby says I clobbered him. I guess I did hit him pretty hard because his tooth fell out. Shelby swears he swallowed it. Serves him right, the creep.
Do you still have a favorite stuffed animal? 
In grade five, Shelby gave me a stuffed panda, Theodore E. Bear – Ted E. Bear. Get it? Teddy Bear....
I was really sick with scarlet fever and she gave me the bear her Daddy had given her. He died when she was four. I still can't believe she parted with it. The memory still makes me tear up. Excuse me a minute – do you have a tissue?
Do you like horses? 
I LOVE horses. I’ve been riding and jumping since forever.
If you could swim with the dolphins or go whale watching on a zodiac, which would you do? 
I've gone whale watching. When they come right up beside your boat and you think you’re going to tip over, it’s thrilling. They’re so beautiful in their own element.
Have you / would you ever jumped off a large rock/cliff to go swimming? 
Once - on a dare.
It was at Black Meadow Creek. Most people hung out on the beach with bonfires and swam out to a platform anchored just off shore. Only the daring/crazy ones jumped off the bluff. 
One afternoon a bunch of boys showed up and Ben Grady was with them. Shelby had a huge crush on him and she said if I jumped, she would. I didn't want to and I really didn't think she would, so I said 'sure' - if she went first.
And she did!
Of course that meant I had to jump. To this day I say she was showing off, but she swears she always wanted to jump off the bluff.
By the way. Ben Grady asked her out that afternoon.
Do you like policemen or firemen? 
Why choose? Any man in uniform looks good. Police, Fire, Airline Pilots. But I’m partial to cowboys. Mmm, mmm, mmmmm. Love me a good cowboy.
What’s the worst thing you did and didn’t tell your parents? 
Shelby and I cut class for a week and stayed at a fishing lodge Daddy has at Walker Lake. We swam and goofed off every day. But Shelby’s Aunt Tillie found out and made us work for her all summer. If we slacked off, she threatened to spout louder and higher than a Yellowstone Park geyser.
Do you like having a wealthy family? 
Yes, it’s all I know, but I've seen how Shelby struggled to make ends meet and that makes me grateful for everything I have.
Don't tell Shelby, but I’ve set up a trust fund for her babies. As their godmother it’s up to me to make sure they’re set up right.

That's all I have time for. If you want to find out more about Miss Polly, check out According to Plan at Amazon