Name the Excerpt

Rules are simple. Tell me which book this excerpt came from.
*hint* - today is from one of mine, and it's okay if you haven't read them - make a wild guess. I only have five out right now. This will become harder as I produce more.
What's your prize, you ask?
Braggin' rights.

His eyes fixated on the zipper in the bustier straining to hold her breasts in check. She managed only short breaths as Blake lazily lifted his hand and pulled on the zipper. The bustier fell to the ground and her breasts spilled out. She stood before him in only the G-string and impossibly high heels.

Stepping closer, he lightly caressed her rounded thigh and drew her closer. He smelled of brandy, musk and a lingering scent of sandalwood. Strong teeth nibbled her earlobe and she allowed her head to fall back, giving him greater access to the pulse beating erratically at the base of her neck. Desire had her trembling, and she knew he could feel it.

So..... Care to make a guess?

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