Hot Nights in St. Blaise ~ Mr. Mayhem

M.E.: I’m so excited to welcome Macy Beck, the woman behind the lens, and the artistic genius responsible for the ultra-hot Men and Women of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center fundraising calendar. 
Macy: Ooh! Artistic genius. I like that. 
M.E.: You’re the woman who posed hunky Pathologist, Marc Mayhew, in nothing but elastic tubing and a syringe cap caught between his teeth. 
Macy: You’re right. I am a genius. Too bad you couldn’t see the parts I had to hide. 
M.E.: Now you’re trying to make me cry. 
Macy: Well, before you get too weepy, I should clarify that I’m not the lucky woman who gets to go home to him each night. 
M.E.: Last month you mentioned a lab technician? 
Macy: Melanie. Now there’s a girl who defies packaging. To look at her, you’d think she was nothing but a bubble-headed Barbie doll, but she’s a savvy one, our Mel. She saw the man she wanted and she set out to get him. Poor Marc never stood a chance.
Here’s the setup:
      Lab tech Melanie Curtis claims Dr. Marc Mayhew’s shy smile won her vote for Mr. May, but the fact is she’s been aching to get a taste of the delicious Pathologist’s mochachino skin since the moment she set eyes on him. 
      Quiet and reserved, Marc was happy to take refuge in his research until she walked into his lab. He tried to ignore the attraction that sparked and sizzled each time she drew near, all too aware of the strict edicts issued by the hospital’s Human Resources department, but he couldn’t deny that he wouldn’t mind subjugating himself to his bossy little subordinate. Over and over again. 
      The only variable he couldn’t predict was how far Melanie was willing to go to get the results she expected. When she tests his mettle, Marc finds he’s more than willing to risk everything on a case of chemistry run amok if it means he can claim her as his. For keeps.
And here’s the snapshot:
      Anticipation simmered in her belly as she unlocked the door. Bracing herself between the casing and the seven foot panel of solid wood, she was careful to keep her expression neutral when she looked up. “Hello.” 
      “Hey.” The porch light danced across the lenses of his glasses as his husky greeting drifted away on a warm spring breeze. His shirt was half-unbuttoned. The warm glow of feminine satisfaction flared to life in her belly when she realized those buttons were missing. He shoved his hands into his pants pockets but those long, talented fingers still curled and flexed, stretching the wrinkled cotton twill to its limits. “I’m sorry, I got…distracted,” he confessed, a sheepish smile twitching the corners of his mouth. 
      Curling her fingers around the edge of the door, she leaned against the jamb, subtly blocking his entrance until she felt appeased. “I figured.” 
      He thrust a grease stained paper bag at her. “I brought you beef and bean burritos.” 
      She accepted his offering with a solemn nod. “Thank you.” 
      Heaving a heavy sigh, he let his shoulders slump. “Mel, I…I’m sorry. It was a stupid thing to say. I don’t even know why I did, other than the fact that I don’t like secrets. I guess I have kind of a chip on my shoulder about…things. Bad experience…And I don’t want to be anyone’s token.” He turned away and sucked in a deep breath, shaking his head as he let it go little by little. “I’d tell you it’s me and not you, but that sounds even stupider in this situation.”
     Chuckling, she set the take-out bag on the hall table and pivoted just enough to grant him an opening. A very small one, but an opening nonetheless. “Do you want to come in?”
     A smile flittered across his lips, disappearing as fast as it came. He inclined his head and the movement caused his glasses to slip a bit. Snatching them from his nose, he folded them into his hand and murmured a gruff, “Thank you,” as he brushed past her.
     He stood in her foyer, tall and fidgety, a live wire turned loose in her life. The man was the embodiment of kinetic energy, wrapped up rumpled and delicious, just for her. She cocked her head and crossed her arms over her chest, making it clear she wasn’t going to let him off the hook entirely. Watching him squirm made her hot. She wanted to enjoy it a little longer.
     Her gaze fell to his big feet and she stifled a smirk when she recalled the exact proportions of the so-not-a-pair-of-big-socks he kept tucked away in his Dockers. A hum of appreciation tickled her throat as she traced the line of his body from slim hips to broad shoulders. His chin tipped up when he rolled his shoulders back, standing a little straighter for inspection. A smile curved her lips. Her gaze lingered on his mouth for a moment before rising to meet his dark eyes.
     Their gazes locked and held and everything stilled. Marc stilled. The disconcerting lack of…anything flowing between them threw her off balance. He blinked, but the sweep of curling lashes barely stirred the eerie calm that fell over them. His Adam’s apple bobbed and the line of his jaw tightened. She held her breath, waiting for something to break the spell.
     “You don’t get to call all the shots.”
     His voice came low and soft, wrapping around her ankles like smoke and wafting over her. Staring into his ebony eyes, it was impossible to pretend she didn’t know exactly what he meant. Precious oxygen seeped from her lungs. Wrinkling her forehead in concentration, she focused on dragging air back in.
     “I don’t mind you callin’ some of them. Like what happened earlier…” His drawl deepened, flowing thick and rich as molasses over the rough edges of a raspy laugh. “As a matter of fact, I like a woman with a take-charge attitude.” She looked up and her heart skipped a beat. He stared straight at her, sparkles of laughter shining bright in his eyes, a lazy smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “But make no mistake, if you happen to be taking charge of me, it’s because I let you.”
M.E.: Pardon me while I get something cold to drink. 
Macy: Told ya so. And if you think that was hot, wait until you read what he did the following Monday morning. 
M.E.: I think you’re trying to kill me. 
Macy: Nope, just making sure you’re paying attention. Now next month, you’re in for a treat. 
M.E.: We are? 
Macy: Two people everyone thought had nothing in common. But I knew better. You don’t spend half your life peering through a lens and not know that looks can be deceiving.
M.E.: Now I’m really intrigued. So next month you’ll give us a glimpse at Miss June, but for now, Mr. Mayhem by Maggie Wells is available in all ebook formats at the Turquoise Morning Press bookstore or your favorite online retailer. For more information on the Hot Nights in St. Blaise series, readers can visit


  1. Good job! If I could only write like that! Sigh. :)

  2. Aw! Thank you, Bobbye! You make a girl feel goooood. :)

  3. Maggie, I love you, I love your brain, and I love this series! Every month gets better!

  4. I love it. And I love that Melanie set Marc straight. Love should be color blind.

    1. I agree, Laurie - Love should be blind and Maggie's showed us the way. Good job Mags.