Hi. I'm Madison and I'm addicted to Facebook games.

Every morning I take my coffee into my office, turn on my computer and have all the best intentions to write. But first I'll check all my e-mail accounts, and some loops are a chatty bunch. When my correspondence is up to date I sometimes check Twitter.

Do I start to write after this. Sadly, no. I log into Facebook and no one sees me for about an hour.

Okay, I lied.

They don't see me for over three hours... maybe more. I love FB, but it's a serious time drain. About three hours has passed and I finally open my document, re-reading what I've already written, find mistakes and begin editing.

"No, no, no," I hear you say. "Never edit an unfinished document. It keeps you from moving forward. Get the words on the page, finish the manuscript, THEN edit."

You are so smart.

As you can see, I have bad writing (or non-writing) habits and they must be broken.

To this end I've decided to go cold turkey. There will be no FB patch to wear. And if I go into the DT's and with shaking fingers long to accept the happy requests to play Candy Crush, Words With Friends or Chefville I'll have to remind myself that the story won't write itself.

I'm doing this for my family.

The second step of restructuring my writing, is to spew verbiage on the page. The good, the bad and the ugly. NO EDITING until I'm done.

All games have been removed from my Facebook account. Gah! I've re-instituted the 'carry a notebook' for ideas, and have warned my husband he will probably forget what I look like, but I'm going to finish the DAMN book!

'They' say it takes twenty-one days to start a new habit.

Today is Day One.

I'll miss you.....

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