This was how I wrote about my weekend at the Lori Foster Annual Reader Author Get Together on Twitter for two straight days. Loads of fun. I met a ton of authors and had the most interesting conversations with readers.

My mini iPad was put to good use.
My fellow Turquoise Morning Press authors were crazy as usual, and although limited with how much I could stand/walk - they brought the party to me. Thank you.
TMP books and authors

Here are all of Turquoise Morning Press' books, available at the conference and we were all there to sign them, which was a blast.

Renee Vincent in all her Viking Glory
Wendi Zwaduk and M.E. using patio lanterns as Big Balls, singing "I love Big Balls, and cannot lie..." Come on. Admit it - you hear the song in your head now, don't you?

Margaret Ethridge, Kim Jacobs and M.E.

All in all it was a fab weekend. I love meeting readers. You are what makes writing worth while. Thank you.

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