Seducing Mr. September

September 12

Madison:  Please help me welcome Macy Beck back to my blog. Macy is the (slightly fictitious) photographer responsible for the Men and Women of St. Blaise Regional Medical Center fundraising calendar that’s featured in the Hot Nights in St. Blaise series by Maggie Wells. She has been kind enough to stop by each month and give us a sneak peek at what’s going on with this series as it unfolds. Hi, Macy!

Macy: Hi, Madison! Thanks for having me back. 

Madison:  Okay, I’m dying of curiosity. You said Mr. September has a secret. Secret baby? Secret identity? Secret third nipple? 

Macy: No baby, as far as I know. Mike Weber is his real and only name. And I can tell you I’ve seen him shirtless. That nipple thing is just a vicious rumor. 

Madison:  Whew. I was worried about that one. Enough playing coy, spill the beans! 

Macy: It’s a love story for the ages. Shy, mysterious guy who keeps to himself meets a not-so-shy, not-so-mysterious former wallflower and all hell breaks loose. In the best possible way. 

Here’s the setup: 

     Shock and awe. That’s the only explanation Pharmacist Mike Weber has for agreeing to strip down to nothing but a lab coat and a smile for a fundraising calendar within weeks of moving to St. Blaise. The Costa Nostra has nothing on the ladies from the St. Blaise regional Medical Center Fundraising Committee when it comes to shaking people down for money.

     But after a few months of dealing with the small town’s quirky residents, he should have been better prepared for the frontal assault Karen Horton launches when she strolls into his store, grabs a jumbo box of condoms, and makes him an offer he can’t refuse.

     Karen Horton is tired of waiting. Every night Mike Weber jogs past her house, shirtless, gorgeous, and absolutely oblivious. After years of watching life pass her by, Karen is ready to go for the gusto. Unfortunately, the gusto she wants is six-foot-five inches of shy guy, so it’s up to her to take him down. 

And here is a snapshot: 

     “You were wrong about me, Karen.” His breath rushed hot and damp over her skin. The vibration of his voice skittered down her spine. “I noticed you. Oh boy, did I notice you.”
     The words were muffled by her hand. Apparently, the impediment offered the perfect excuse to request repetition because she cocked her head and eyed him speculatively. “What?” The light in her eyes told him she’d heard him, but she liked his confession enough to want to hear it again. She flashed a grin that flaunted her utter lack of remorse. “I’m sorry,” she cooed. “What was that again?”
     “The first time I saw you was the week after I moved here. You were in the produce section of the market. You wore clingy purple pants and were shaking melons.”
     Her face darkened and her brow puckered. Panic squeezed his throat as he realized he’d somehow said the wrong thing. Desperate to recover, he forged ahead. “I noticed you so much I forgot I went in there to buy apples. I turned around and left instead.”
     The last bit snagged her attention. “Left? Why?”
     “You were in the produce section,” he repeated. She blinked and shook her head, baffled by his un-explanation. He sucked in a breath but his voice grew tight with tension. “The oranges were stacked up to your shoulders. Hell, the banana display alone was packed and there was a damn pyramid of pork ‘n beans cans stacked like Mount Everest right there.” His mouth thinned into a line so taut he could hardly force the words from his lips. “You saw what I did to my own shop today. Who knows what damage I could have done if I tried to talk to you there....”
     Her jaw dropped and her eyes widened. Tilting her head, she blinked fast and furious, trying to piece together his fumbled mumbles. “You were afraid you’d knock over the oranges?”
     “Or anything.” He raked his hand through his hair. “I get clumsy when I get nervous.”
     “And I make you nervous?” She stared up at him, incredulous. “Even then?”
     “Even then?” He snorted. “The minute I saw you and every minute since then.” Dismissing her question with a sharp shake of his head, he stared straight into her eyes. “We have the same friends, Karen. Didn’t you think it was weird we hardly ever ran into each other?”
     “You were avoiding me?”
     His hand slipped up her arm, his palm molding to the curve of her shoulder before sliding up the column of her neck. “I was trying to avoid disaster, but then you walked into my store and made that impossible.”
     “You’re calling me a disaster?”
     His nod came slow, but there was no way he could deny the havoc this attraction would wreak in the nice, quiet life he’d found for himself in St. Blaise. “You’re the most beautiful disaster I’ve ever seen.” 

Madison:  Oh my God. He’s a klutz! 

Macy: She’s not much more graceful, either. 

Madison:  How perfect! But, wait. You said he has a secret. What is it? 

Macy: You wanna know Mike’s secret? 

Madison:  Duh. 

Macy: Buy the book. 

Madison:  Ha! Okay, you win. Seducing Mr. September by Maggie Wells is available now in all ebook formats at the Turquoise Morning Press bookstore or your favorite online retailer. For more information on the Hot Nights in St. Blaise series, readers can visit In the meantime, who are we meeting next month, Macy? 

Macy: Next month it’s Warren Mueller and our Miss October, Susie Chen. See you then! 

Madison:  She’s a poet and a photographer, ladies and gents. See you next time!

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