Work in Progress

This is the last installment to The Perfect Secretary series. We've read Troy and Sheila's story, followed by Jonah and Beth. Prepare yourself for Seth and Ava. Such a dark story, but where there is darkness, there is also light. 

This is a work in progress, but I thought I'd whet your appetite....

Always the lone wolf, Seth has no plans to follow his business partners down the matrimonial trail. Then his past walked through the door of Club Breathless. He’s never forgotten the battered girl he and his Black Op team rescued eight years ago. All his protective instincts jump into high gear, but she’s quite able to look after herself and doesn’t want him interfering. Closing in on the hunt, he scents her interest and begins chipping away at her protective armor.
After a kidnapping and brutal attack Ava Braxton has learned to be aware of her surroundings. Her defensive walls are insurmountable and she has no plans of living the white picket life with three point two kids and a dog, not if it means letting someone inside the inner circle. She’s content serving drinks at Club Breathless, so why does Seth Black, one of the Dungeon Masters, make her twitch in places she thought were dead?
My inspiration for Ava

     “Talk to me, Ava. What do you feel?”
      Nothing. Everything. She wanted him to stop. Stop making her feel. To go away and leave her in peace. The leather cuff pulled tight against her wrist as she twisted on the divan. Warmth flooded her lower region, her labia swelling in response. The scent of cinnamon filled her nose. Her back arched as the heat intensified.
       Turn it off. Find your center. Pain is only fear leaving the body.
      “Ava. What do you feel?” Seth’s firm tone broke through her concentration.
      “I… ahh…” She tried to close her legs, forgetting they were buckled to the divan. He placed his hand on her stomach and she settled. “I feel heat.”
      “No, my brave waya.”  His finger tapped her forehead. “What do you feel here?”
      Her eyes snapped open and she stared into Seth’s hazel ones, inches from her own. When she went to turn her head, he stayed her jerky movement with a firm hand. There was no escaping his dogged determination.
      “I feel uncomfortable.”
      For a moment his eyes hardened and Ava thought she might have seen regret. Regret for what? She didn’t know what he wanted. Why couldn’t he just get to the point and move on? Eager to please, she tried again.
      “I feel alone.”
      The merest hint of a smile softened his features.
      “How can you be alone when I am here with you?”
      Ava opened and closed her mouth. The words would not come out. How do you explain being alone in a crowd?